Old Changkat Changi Schools To Be Demolished, Ex-Students Visit Site For Last Time

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Ex-Students Of Changkat Changi Schools Visit Old Campus For The Final Time

The time we spent in our primary and secondary schools is unforgettable. It’s where we make our lifelong friends and share treasured memories.

Hence, it’s always sad to hear about a significant place like that being closed or demolished for good.

In 2022, the Housing Board revealed that they would be demolishing the former sites of the Changkat Changi primary and secondary schools for housing developments.

Before the slated demolition, some former students of Changkat Changi visited the old sites, reminiscing on their memories of the school.

Ex-students visit old Changkat Changi schools on 4 Feb

On 26 Jan, Changkat Changi Secondary School shared the details of the final visit on their Facebook page.

Source: Facebook

According to the post, the final visit to the former site was on Saturday (4 Feb).

Following the announcement, an ex-student took to Facebook to share her experience visiting the old campus.

Source: Facebook

Even though her Saturday mornings were reserved for family, the OP made the time to visit the old site at Jalan Tiga Ratus.

“Seriously, it was such an emotional yet fulfilling (experience),” she said.

Source: Facebook

Although her secondary school life was not the most enjoyable, the OP expressed gratitude that she could capture the memorable moments with her son.

“This visit, I’m so glad to see Changkatians from different generations get together and reunite with our classmates and schoolmates,” she declared.

To her surprise, even a teacher from the 1970s visited the old campus.

OP also attached several photos of the old campus, reminiscing about when she was a student. For instance, she shared a photo of her favourite haunt during recess.

Source: Facebook

Rundown state of school facilities

Another user also spoke about his visit to the schools’ old campuses on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

Although he was not an alumnus, OP noted that the architecture of older schools is similar, evoking a sense of nostalgia in him.

Several photos he shared show the dilapidated state of the classrooms, including one that still had writing on the whiteboard.

Source: Facebook

Another photo showed what appeared to be the old general office, with the school record cabinets still labelled.

Source: Facebook

This photo shows the shuttered stalls of the canteen, which once served the students affordable and tasty meals during recess.

Source: Facebook

There was even a collection of the keys to the different school buildings, which rusted away from the lack of use.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, a former student of the primary school told MS News that he had fond memories of picking seeds from the large angsana tree behind the canteen.

“Last I checked, a picture of the tree was found on Google Maps in 2019. But in the latest street view captured in Dec 2022, the tree is no longer there,” he said.

Memories will live on forever

The schools were home to many generations of Changkat Changi students.

Although the old campuses will be demolished soon, we’re sure that the fond memories will live on for many generations to come.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook. 

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