China Canteens Look Like Exam Halls After Virus Outbreak, Netizens Joke Around Like Invigilators

Netizens In China Joke About ‘Exam Hall’ Canteens As Tables Are Set Apart From Each Other

Although the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned some places in China into a ghost town, it has not hindered Chinese netizens’ sense of humour.

Tables in canteens in China now stand so far apart, they look odd. While this measure may seem perfectly rational, the topic started trending on Weibo with 3.14 million posts to date.


The topic was 食堂吃出了考试的感觉 (shi tang chi chu le kao shi de gan jue), which loosely translates to “I felt like I was sitting for an examination in the canteen”.

Netizens mimicked invigilators

The familiar, yet anxiety-inducing sight amused many netizens, who contributed pictures of the canteens they ate at.

To add to the humour, they imitated the way invigilators would talk during the examination.

“Let’s see who will hand in their scripts first. No sitting closely and talking while you eat.”

Another netizen added: “No peeping at others eating. The student over there please turn back.”


There was even a ‘signage’ in front of this canteen warning others that this “examination hall canteen” only allows one person per table.


For many students, lunch hour has suddenly become an examination. Maybe they’ll have to hand up empty plates to pass the test.


But what if the tables and chairs come in inseparable sets?

This school used cardboard dividers which they even cling-wrapped for better protection.


This netizen said she liked the exam hall format more — because she can watch her dramas without being interrupted.

“I like this… this way I can quietly watch my dramas.”

At least those who often have their meals alone won’t be the only ones doing so now.

A strange but necessary measure

Not seeing people mingling or hearing the usual lunch hour buzz in school canteens may be an unsettling phenomenon, but we know this is the best way for now.

Hopefully once the virus stops spreading, people can have their social lives back.

What do you think about this solution? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Weibo and Weibo.

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