China To Launch Covid-19 Vaccine In Sep, Their Frontliners & Military Will Get It First

China Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Ready For Chinese Citizens By March 2021

Just 2 weeks ago, Russia registered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine named Sputnik V.

Russia Registers World’s 1st Covid-19 Vaccine, Mass Production May Start In Sep

Well, it seems like other countries are catching up in the race to find a vaccine to end the pandemic.

On Monday (24 Aug), Taiwanese Politician Alex Tsai shared a Facebook post claiming that a China-made vaccine will be launched in September.


We provide a translation of his post below.

China Covid-19 vaccine will cost S$53.55 per box

According to Mr Tsai, the vaccine is expected to launch in September, but will first be made available for military and healthcare personnel due to supply issues.

Those who have to travel abroad for essential business activities will also be prioritised.

However, the general population in Mainland China is expected to only have access to it next March, according to Mr Tsai.

Each box of the vaccine will reportedly cost around S$53.55 (RMB 270), but Mr Tsai believes the fees will be subsidised by the Chinese government.


The vaccine in question appears to be in the form of injection, if the description on the box is anything to go by. The Beijing Institute of Biological Products logo is also printed on the packaging.


There’s also a fine print on the packaging which states that the vaccine is only meant for clinical trials.

Netizens skeptical about the vaccine

While discovering a vaccine would surely be great news for all, the China-made vaccine was met with skepticism online.

Many netizens questioned the safety of the vaccine, citing the clinical trial claims printed on the box.

Translation: Isn’t this only for clinical trails?

Other netizens like this one were more optimistic and expressed their desire for it to be launched soon.

Translation: That’s great news! Quickly launch it! 

Hoping for a readily-available & effective vaccine soon

While it seems many are doubtful about the vaccine’s effectiveness, it remains a hopeful sign that countries are channelling their resources into developing a Covid-19 vaccine.

Hopefully, a readily-available and effective one will be ready soon so all of us can resume our pre-Covid lives.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and CGTN

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