‘#Expensive’: Kai Garden diner shocked by S$7 charge for Chinese tea

Diner shocked by S$7 charge for Chinese tea at Marina Square’s Kai Garden

A Lemon8 user recently shared her “shocking” tea experience at Marina Square’s Kai Garden.

The diner had visited the popular Chinese restaurant and after paying for her meal, she discovered that each person was charged S$7.20 for Chinese tea.

She described the pricing as “atrocious” and warned others of the charges.

Paid S$7.20 per person for Chinese tea

On Sunday (8 June), the Lemon8 user took to the lifestyle app to recount her experience at the restaurant.

She had dined at Kai Garden the evening before, ordering various dishes such as kurobuta pork, two bowls of rice, braised vermicelli, and wild mushrooms.

The woman, along with two others, had also ordered ju pu tea, a special Chinese tea blend of Pu’er with chrysanthemum.

After paying for the meal, the diner noticed she had paid S$7.20 per person for the Chinese tea.


Source: Lemon8

Speaking to MS News, the woman stated that she only realised the price of the drink after paying.

Shocked by tea pricing

In her Lemon8 post, the woman explained that she had recently noticed the rise in prices for Chinese teas after visiting various restaurants.

“I have been dining at many Chinese restaurants — Crystal Jade, Super Imperial Treasure, Wan Hao, Peony Jade, etc, and have noticed that the charge for Chinese tea has gone up recently — to unreasonable prices, say about $4-5 per pax,” the caption read.


Source: Sergey N on Unsplash

However, she was particularly “shocked” by Kai Garden’s S$7.20 charge for the drink.

Even though the Chinese tea was refillable, the diner noted that this was a “standard” practice at most restaurants.

Labelling Kai Garden’s pricing as “atrocious”, the woman cautioned other diners of the tea charges.

MS News has reached out to Kai Garden for comment.

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