LTA Reveals New MRT Map With Circle Line In The Centre

MRT maps are a passionate subject for Singaporeans, even compelling designers to submit their own re-designs.

For years, the main complaint about the Circle Line is that, well, it’s not a full circle.

On 11 Dec (Tues), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) finally made the Circle Line circular on the MRT map, among other new changes that have been in the works since 2015.


Here’s the old map for comparison. As you can see, not only is the Circle Line more circular in the new map, it has also been shifted more centrally.


Yellow Line is not yet a full circle though

In LTA’s statement, they mention that the yellow line has been moved centrally for ease of viewing.

But wait – it’s still not a full circle.

However, if you tilt your head sideways and look at the Circle Line, you can kinda make out a Pac-Man.


Will this design end the cries of those who demand a full circle? Let’s wait and see.

Landmarks on map to inform viewers better

Now all the touristy spots can be more easily discerned on the new map, thanks to the presence of icons.


Iconic sights like Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, and Gardens by the Bay will allow people to find the corresponding train stations.

MRT stations with bus interchanges are also more prominently displayed, with a green highlight on the bus icons.

With new lines comes new maps

Be it for business or leisure, the MRT map is an indispensable resource for Singaporeans and tourists alike. It’s clear that the LTA has put in a lot of time and effort into the redesign.

With lines such as the Thomson-East Coast Line to open in the coming years, the time has come for a brand new map.

Do you prefer the new LTA design, or is the current one better? Perhaps one of the independent designs caught your fancy instead? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image adapted from CNA and Stick PNG.