360° HDB Drawing Reveals More Easter Eggs With Every Look

This “Circuit Breaker” period has bestowed upon many of us oodles of free time, giving us a sneak peak into the talents of Singaporeans among us.

This 360° 3D drawing by Pok Pok & Away in collaboration with Gov.sg, however, takes illustrations to another level.

Depicting life during the ‘Circuit Breaker’, this image is incredibly detailed and chock-filled with little nuggets of info.


Here’s the picture in its full 360° glory, and you can explore it in the original Facebook post as well.

Iconic visuals found in HDB drawing

Starting with the obvious, Pok Pok & Away’s 3D adventure shows us some iconic Singaporean neighbourhood staples.

Aside from the heartland 24-hour NTUC Fairprice below one of the blocks, the HDB Dragon playground also makes an appearance.


The red stools that line the corridors, as well as the distinct HDB architecture, help bring such a warm heartland feel as well.


Picture filled with heartwarming moments

Tugging on our heartstrings, the artist takes us on an emotional journey within a 360° spin as well.

The artist manages to capture numerous uplifting moments we may have seen online, or perhaps in our everyday life.

For example, here you have a Hijab-donning lady offering a Yeo’s packet drink to a delivery man bringing her groceries.


One can also spot social distancing officers coming to the aid of a wheelchair-bound elderly lady.


Even in a simple still image, so many emotions can be captured within.

Subtle but powerful homages to our ‘Circuit Breaker’ fighters

Aside from illustrating moving moments, Pok Pok & Away also adds some subtle details that pays homage to our frontliners.

On multiple walls, we can see adorably-drawn posters thanking them. They give the impression that they’re drawn by kids as well.


We also see a GrabFood rider and estate cleaner hard at work outside while everyone is home.


More elusively, if you take a look upward, you might catch something others might miss — a plane flying in the sky.

While not confirmed, this could possibly be taken to be a tribute to our aviation industry, which has been badly hit by this pandemic.


Small callbacks to viral moments

Of course, it goes without saying that this pandemic has brought us many viral moments as well.

We managed to spot some “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moments that brought a smile to our faces.

Take for example the iconic dragon playground we talked about earlier. Did you notice a family of otters having the time of their lives behind the red-cordoning tape?


How about our rebellious feline friends who are seen sitting atop tables that were clearly demarcated?


Cats are known for doing whatever they want, after all.

Perfection found in tiny details within HDB drawing

The artist’s attention to detail leaves us hunting for all the small details that are just so apt.

From Dettol bottles, to posters promoting use of the TraceTogether app, we can only imagine how much time and research this must have taken.


A netizen even pointed out something many but the most astute might have glossed over.


The lighting and shadows only serve to bring more of the homely “kampung” feel to it all.

One nation, one Singapore as we overcome the ‘Circuit Breaker’

The beauty of this image isn’t merely in the artistic hand behind it, but also the ability to capture all the small details that makes it uniquely Singapore.

From families exercising together to Zoom calls, the artist has truly captured the essence of the ‘Circuit Breaker’, not forgetting to insert humour along the way.

Kudos to Pok Pok & Away and Gov.sg for bringing such joy with this piece.

Explore the 360° slice of life for yourself here and see how many Easter eggs you can find.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.