10 Clarke Quay Places With 3+1 Promos, 4th Buddy Can Dine For Free

Those of us who are strictly punctual, often find ourselves waiting for our perpetually late BFFs.

Their vastly different relationship with time won’t change how we love them, as we mostly choose to overlook these ‘minor’ flaws.

To help you endure the long waits, however, we’ve found a bunch of 3+1 promos that will let your clique binge ahead, if you’re fulfilling a jio at Clarke Quay.

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First come, first served rules apply. That way, you can either save the last dish for your late friends, or split it with those present.

From pumpkin seafood soup to scrumptious makimono rolls, we’ve done your homework for you to celebrate your latest milestones by the riverside below.

1. Little Saigon

Disappointment hit us hard after our travel plans were axed amid the ongoing pandemic, but hearty meals & drinks can help quench your wanderlust.

Little Saigon has a 3+1 promo, with a free dish for the 4th authentic street food ordered. They recommend the Chao Tom – aka Sugarcane Prawns – which are homemade and sautéed with butter, crushed peanuts & fresh herbs.

Image courtesy of Little Saigon

Meat lovers can also treat their late friends to dishes like Bo Luc Lac – aka ‘Shaking Beef’ – in reference to how prime beef tenderloin is given the wok stir-fry treatment with onions, bell peppers & cherry tomatoes.

Image courtesy of Little Saigon

2. Privé Clarke Quay

This year has been a wild ride so give your friends a pat on the back for surviving by drinking & dining at Privé Clarke Quay. The casual restaurant with plenty of plant-based options is offering a free dish for every 3 main courses ordered.

Nutritious salads (from $15) packed with superfoods like fresh avocados, goji berries, hummus & beans will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Privé Clarke Quay

One bite of their satisfying burgers (from $17) and die-hard carnivores won’t know what hit ‘em. Their Classic Grass-Fed Beef Burger combines double beef patties, mesclun and delicious veggies.

The sheer thought of this umami bomb for the tastebuds may even motivate your late friends to arrive earlier than usual.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Privé Clarke Quay

To commemorate your long-awaited reunion, grab some house pour red or white wines, spirits & ‘Drink of the Moment’ at 50% off from 5pm to 9pm daily.

Image courtesy of Privé Clarke Quay

3. Muchos

Besides offering a free 4th main course, Muchos has a few sweet deals up their sleeve.

Patience is indeed a virtue when one can enjoy jam-packed tacos while waiting. This September, the Mexican restaurant will serve up their assorted Tacos Trio for just $3.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Muchos

Since the pandemic is far from over, we’ll have to wait a little longer till we can party hard in Clarke Quay’s nightclubs again.

But at least, you can grab their margaritas in flavours like lime, strawberry, mango or lychee flavour for $5 by October.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Muchos

4. Ramen Keisuke

Returning to Japan is definitely in our bucket list once we get the green light to travel with our friends again.

In the meantime, Ramen Keisuke’s Lobster King ramen may evoke the feeling of dining in Tokyo as you reunite with the friends that kept you sane during ‘Circuit Breaker’.

They say this mouth-watering dish has been simmered for 8 hours to ensure a rich and abundant broth.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Ramen Keisuke

The Japanese restaurant is offering a 4th ramen for free with every 3 ramens ordered.
Instead of eating alone, this is the best time to invite your clique along to get more for less.

Image courtesy of Ramen Keisuke

5. Thai-Khun

Thailand’s sprawling night markets are currently out of our reach due to travel restrictions. However, Thai-Khun has 3+1 deals from 6pm to 10pm that may trigger your nostalgia in the best way possible.

A trip to Bangkok is never complete without Pad Thai — made with an elaborate blend of savoury spices & rice noodles.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Thai-Khun

Savour this main with 3 other dishes to qualify for the buy 3, get 1 course free promo.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Thai-Khun

Adventurous foodies may also order a serving of deep-fried pork intestines ($3.80) while reminiscing on that backpacking trip to Khao Yai.

6. Tomo Izakaya

Chow down on as many sushi rolls as you want this Sep as Tomo Izakaya will offer a free makimono roll (worth $22) with every 3 paying customers with a minimum bill of $120.

Be on the lookout for their Ebiten Avocado Dragon which combines prawn tempura with thinly sliced avocado rolls.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Tomo Izakaya

Their Unagi Cream Cheese Maki artfully pairs lightly grilled eel and cream cheese. You’ll find yourself wishing that tardy friend doesn’t arrive on time, just to kope an extra slice of this.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Tomo Izakaya

Nighttime seems to be the best time to schedule your bonding sessions at this restaurant with a $2 ‘Oyster Hour’ from 6pm to 7pm on weekdays.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Tomo Izakaya

Best to schedule a Telegram text reminder to your BFFs to be punctual or they’ll have to deal with the FOMO of watching you slurp up fresh oysters without them.

7. Octapas

Now that you don’t have to stick to late night Zoom calls, it’s time to give your friend real-life updates while dining at Octapas.

Note that unlike the other 3+1 promos, theirs will only be available between 12pm to 10pm.

Their Gambas Envueltos Con Tocino includes bacon-wrapped prawns with tomato confit — ideal for sharing amid late night conversations.

Image courtesy of Octapas

Cinnamon-crusted, piping hot Churros are one of the most decadent comfort foods life has to offer.

Image courtesy of Octapas

That’s exactly why desserts like Churros Classico  – Spanish fried dough fritters slathered in thicc homemade chocolate sauce – priced at $9 (UP $12), may be the diet-crushing temptation your GFs will struggle to resist.

8. Harry’s

Clarke Quay has a wide array of F&B outlets, but Harry’s is a must-visit during your off-days thanks to their weekend deals.

In their latest promo, they’ll offer a free main course for getting 3 mains from their selection of pastas & Asian Palates.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Harry’s

Their Beef Rendang with Basmati Rice and Pork Katsu Rice are best-selling dishes that fuse Eastern and Western influences.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Harry’s

The latter comprises a rich, umami Japanese curry with a deep fried Australian Bungalow Pork katsu cutlet that will surely leave you with full bellies & warm hearts.

9. Red House Seafood

Red House Seafood has its fair share of seafood soup delights that you may have missed while staying cooped up in your home.

Fans of Asian soup dishes can treat themselves to 3 soups at Redhouse Seafood Clarke Quay.

Image courtesy of Red House Seafood

We think the clincher is their Pumpkin Seafood Soup – boasting vibrant orange hues and indulgent flavours – which comes free with every 3 bowls ordered.

Definitely a great starter for a hearty seafood meal.

Alternatively, consider ordering their Crab Meat Prawn Roll or Hakka Prawn Roll at $12.60 (UP $18+).

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Red House Seafood

Pairing hearty conversation with these delectable snacks will be a great way to spend a leisurely weekend with the fam you’ve chosen.

10. Cuba Libre Clarke Quay

Cuba Libre Clarke Quay’s Latin-American dishes are chock-full of flavourful ingredients & powerful spices so you’ll want to tune in to their 3+1 dine-in deals.

Havana Steak Burger is an absolute bestseller, consisting of grilled juicy steak, cheddar and sesame buns. Steal some of the fries served on the side as a reward for being patient with your always-late friend.

clarke quay placesImage courtesy of Cuba Libre Clarke Quay

The turbulent year might be far from over but a lot has happened.

Don’t forget to share your ups and downs during their ‘Beer Hour’ where you can indulge in fizzy alcoholic brands like Asahi, Corona & Guinness from $5.

Feast on a budget with friends

This September, several F&B outlets in Clarke Quay are offering 3+1 promos, so you can feast on a budget with your BFFs on weekends.

Some promos like ‘Beer Hour’ or ‘Oyster Hour’ are only available at certain times of the day. This means punctual friends who have the patience of a saint may enjoy more treats, if you fail to make it on time.

As a bonus, you can even earn a $15 eCapitaVoucher with minimum $50 spent* in a single receipt daily – Mondays to Sundays – at Clarke Quay.

You can also stalk their Facebook & Instagram pages regularly to be the first among your kakis to learn about their latest promos*.

Finally, here’s the deets on how to get there.

Clarke Quay
: 3 River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (NE5), Fort Canning (DT20)

Reuniting with BFFs & loved ones safely

Most of our BFFs aren’t perfect so we often exercise zen-like patience and wait for their arrival before we can take our order.

Although the Covid-19 situation seems to be abating slowly, we’d encourage everyone to observe proper mask etiquette and social-distancing measures at Clarke Quay.

Hopefully these 3+1 promos will help you decide your feast of the day ahead of time. As a compromise, the early birds in your group can enjoy a piping hot meal while waiting for their tardy mates.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Clarke Quay. *Terms and conditions apply.

Featured image adapted from Cuba Libre, Ramen Keisuke, Thai-Khun & Muchos.