Calligraphy From Chinatown Wishes Daughter For Ability To Eat A Lot Without Gaining Weight

When one thinks of Chinese New Year (CNY) decorations, Fai Chun (春联) or calligraphy comes to mind. You’d probably spot many shops in Chinatown selling them, while you shop for festive goods.

Most Singaporeans would have grown up seeing these couplets plastered all over the walls of their schools and homes every CNY.

Instead of going the traditional route, this mother took the liberty to come up with her own rendition of your modern day Fai Chun.


With a wish that we can all totally relate to, we can see why her gesture both amused and touched many netizens.

Mum shares unique calligraphy she got at Chinatown

On Monday (18 Jan), the mother posted in Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits (SAT), showcasing the calligraphy work she got done for her daughter.


Eating a lot without the repercussion of immense weight gain is a dream many of us wish we could live.

Hence, Ms Yan decided to get the calligrapher to write “吃多多不长胖” instead of the likes of “学业进步”, which translates to, “May you excel in your studies.” The iconic phrase she chose loosely translates to the ability to eat a lot without getting fat.

Netizens want a piece of this Fai Chun

Many netizens chimed in on the post with only positive things to say about the mother’s creativity.

A user commented that she was planning to get her mother to DIY this Fai Chun for her.


Another user jokingly mentioned that she was going to paste this everywhere around her house for extra efficacy.


One commented in jest that this dream applies to guy and girls alike.


DIY your own Fai Chun this CNY

If you are tired of seeing the usual couplets on your wall, perhaps this post will inspire you to DIY your very own unique Fai Chun this year.

Grab some paint and a couple of red pieces of paper, and get creative.

Do share any words of wisdom with us in the comments section. Happy crafting!

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Unsplash.