ComfortDelgro Taxi With Cameras Isn’t Traffic Police Car, SPF Says It’s For Driver’s Training

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ComfortDelgro Taxi With Cameras On Hood Isn’t A Traffic Police Vehicle

Cameras in public spaces tend to carry connotations of surveillance, and several atop a ComfortDelgro taxi are no different.

A picture of such a taxi made its rounds on messaging platforms recently, with people suspecting that it could be a Traffic Police car.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF), however, has come forward to debunk the rumours today (16 Sep).


So if your uncles and aunties have been spreading the fake news, do let them know.

ComfortDelgro taxi with cameras not Traffic Police car

Photos of a taxi with several cameras attached to its body started circulating online and on messaging platforms recently.

Perhaps noticing the unusual sight of the very visible cameras, some netizens came to their own conclusions that it was a Traffic Police vehicle in disguise.


Word spread quickly, and soon the rumours reached the police, who promptly denied the inaccurate information.

Taxi is used for training purposes

Hoping to stop the fake news from spreading, SPF got in touch with ComfortDelgro Taxi to clarify the purpose of the cameras.

The company then explained that the equipment is a temporary installment solely for training purposes.

The public thus has no cause for concern if they spot a ComfortDelgro taxi with similar fittings on the road.

Be careful of fake news

After the spread of the messages, SPF advised members of the public to be more cautious of unverified information.

Since they circulate online indiscriminately these days, they may lead many to believe in false accounts.

Therefore, we should remember to check the validity of our sources before sharing information, to avoid spreading fake news.

Share this advisory with your family, so they’ll keep it in mind before spreading unverified information to others.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and torque.

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