Concrete Slab Crashes Into Chai Chee Eatery & Misses 2 Diners, Town Council To Carry Out Repairs

Concrete Slab Smashes Through Awning & Shatters On Floor, Patrons Scramble For Cover

Singaporeans often dine at eateries and kopitiams below HDB blocks, and it’s usually a rather uneventful way to fill our stomachs.

However, on Tuesday (10 Nov), 2 patrons enjoying their meal at a Chai Chee prata shop got a shock when a concrete slab fell from above, crashing onto the floor right next to them.

The slab shattered upon impact, and thick chunks of concrete were strewn across the floor.


A patron shared the scene in a Facebook post, urging the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to take action.


Marine Parade Town Council has since said that repair works will be carried out.

Concrete slab smashes through awning

The incident happened at 10am on Tuesday (10 Nov) at 10am, according to Lianhe Wanbao.

At the time, 2 patrons were dining at the outdoor area of Khan Saab Restaurant at Block 55, Chai Chee Drive, sitting under the awning.

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All of a sudden, a loud noise could be heard from above them. They instinctively looked up and saw a cement slab the size of a brick falling.

It had smashed through the awning, narrowly missing them.

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The frightened patrons immediately took cover inside the eatery.

Chucks of concrete as large as a fist

When the slab shattered on impact with the ground, it strewed chunks of concrete all around.

Some of the concrete fragments were as large as a fist.

concrete slab chai cheeSource

From a video shared by the patron, concrete bits can be seen near a chair.

concrete slab chai cheeSource

Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao, the eatery’s owner said that if it were not for the awning, the diners could have been hit by the concrete slab.

Slab fell from 12th floor

The cement block appears to have fallen from the 12th floor of the HDB block, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

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The edge of the ceiling of the corridor in the 12th floor evidently broke off, exposing the steel bars in the wall.

concrete slab chai cheeSource

Bits of concrete and remnants of fallen ceiling paint were also spotted on that floor, overlooking the eatery’s awning.

concrete slab chai cheeSource

Other parts of the ceiling also showed signs of water damage, presenting a risk of concrete breaking off in time to come.

The eatery owner has said that this isn’t the first time he’s seen concrete falling from the block.

Repair works underway

Marine Parade Town Council has cordoned off the area to ensure residents’ safety, according to AsiaOne.

Engineers have also been dispatched to the site for investigations.

Based on their recommendations, repair work will be conducted, assured the town council.

Thankfully nobody sustained injuries

While it’s quite rare in Singapore for the sky to literally fall, it’s not unheard of.

Earlier this year, concrete from the ceiling of an HDB flat fell onto a boy.

Then just last month, a jumbo ceiling fan in a Tampines kopitiam fell on patrons, leading to 2 people being sent to hospital.

Thankfully nobody sustained injuries in the Chai Chee case, as being hit by a concrete slab that has fallen from the 12th storey would possibly be life-ending.

While some incidents may be freak accidents, others seem to point to building maintenance issues, so we hope the authorities upkeep our flats to protect residents’ safety.

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