Condos Should Provide Parking Lots For Delivery Riders, We Want To Work Responsibly Too

MustShareMail: Management & Security At Condos Should Be Kinder To Delivery Riders

Being a food delivery rider is a physically and emotionally taxing job, which I think many would know by now. Besides challenging customers, we also have to deal with obstacles like unconducive working environments.

What I mean is the lack of parking lots at condos, where many stories of riders getting into disagreements with management have surfaced.

The problem is, I’ve been to many condos where the management doesn’t allow riders to bring our vehicles in.

Without any parking lots outside, we only have 2 choices — the footpath or the side of the road. Both aren’t ideal as not only can riders get fined, we might obstruct the path for others like parents with young children in strollers and people in wheelchairs.

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We can’t get customers to collect the food at the guardhouse either since they paid for it to be delivered to their doorstep.

And when we do follow instructions to park our vehicles outside, we end up getting into trouble with the customers.

Despite arriving on time, the order reaches them late because we have to:

  • Walk in
  • Check in using SafeEntry
  • Sometimes fill up a form
  • Walk up to the lift lobby
  • Wait for the intercom if someone else is using it

It’s frustrating that we as riders have to put up with all these inconveniences simply because of poor management.

If condos have the capacity, I’d suggest that they allocate parking lots for riders to leave our vehicles at while we quickly drop off orders.

Otherwise, letting us wait at a corner of the drop-off point could work too, while we request for customers to collect their orders from us. That way, we can still move our vehicles if we happen to be in anyone else’s path.

These aren’t huge requests from us. We just want to be able to fulfil our jobs responsibly as delivery riders and law-abiding road users.

Before this, everyone hailed us as ‘delivery heroes’. Why can’t you treat us with kindness now too?

Alan Choo

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