LTA Urge Members Not To ‘Convert’ PMDs To PMAs Advertised Online

There has been an outburst of creativity ever since the government implemented the partial ban on personal mobility devices (PMDs).

Aside from users trying various ways to skirt around the law, advertisements have popped up, claiming to ‘convert’ PMDs into personal mobility aids (PMAs), which are not affected by the ban.

On Wednesday (13 Nov), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) took to Facebook to issue a warning against falling for these ads.¬†They explained that the ‘contraband’ PMAs pose safety risks to both users and the public.


Online ads ‘convert’ PMDs to PMAs by adding third wheel

The ads are not only misleading but dangerous.

LTA stated that the modifications these irresponsible “vendors” claim to make actually compromise the original device’s electrical and mechanical systems.


Its structural integrity will be affected as well since PMDs are not built in the same way as PMAs.


In the end, the new ‘PMA’ will lose its safety certifications because of the modifications. It will also be a hazard to users and others around them.

PMAs are for those who have difficulty standing

While some might see the PMA modification as a loophole, legitimate PMAs actually serve an important purpose.

LTA shared that PMAs like motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters are meant for those who have trouble standing, cycling and walking for prolonged periods of time.

PMAs usually have at least 3 wheels for stability, a footboard supported by the wheels, and a seat for the user.

Most PMAs actually comply to international standards like ISO7176 and EN12184 for “safety and performance”.


PMAs also have to follow a ‘speed limit’ and cannot exceed 10km/h when on public paths.

While PMAs are subjected to lesser regulations, such as not having to register with LTA, there are penalties for not adhering to the laws. The penalty is a hefty fine of $5,000, a jail term of up to 3 months, or both.

Furthermore, LTA emphasised that they will take “enforcement action against those who willfully disregard stipulated criteria”. This includes the irresponsible vendors claiming to convert PMDs to PMAs.

Keeping everyone safe

It’s important to adhere to these rules to protect both your safety and others. Since the modifications compromise the electric system of the PMD, it might result in a fire if something goes wrong.

We hope that everyone can stay safe on the go and avoid these unscrupulous vendors.

Featured image adapted from GoodyFeed.