Couple Enjoys Hunting For Parking Lots Together, Says They Are Mini Adventures

Dinner at a fancy restaurant instead of the coffee shop, or a surprise birthday picnic at Marina Barrage, are symbols of love which couples celebrate and flaunt only on special occasions.

But a couple in Malaysia has decided to find joy in a much more humble affair instead — searching for parking lots together, an activity which often invokes frustration especially among drivers.

Collecting selfies from these moments they shared, the couple explained how they’ve learnt to find joy in simpler things.

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In her Facebook post which went viral with nearly 3,000 shares, Dr Kayla Teh said that it’s the little things that matter.

Hunting for parking lots is better together

According to Dr Teh, couples tend to share photos of rosy moments like fancy meals, leaving the everyday experiences in life overlooked.

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She explains that although doing something mundane like looking for a parking lot may be a chore when alone, with the right person, it seems like “a mini adventure”.

Doing it alone seems like a chore, but with the right person, it seems like a treasure hunt. A mini adventure.

Facebook post remind some couples of themselves

Dr Teh’s post brought back memories for some couples, who remember wasting time finding an empty parking spot.

One commenter remembered her own adventures with her significant other, and also recalled the kindness of other drivers.

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Another netizen remembered an overseas trip that would have been less interesting if it weren’t for someone riding shotgun.


Clearly, the couple’s touching post struck a chord with many others like them, who indulge in the simple pleasures in life.

To more parking lot treasure hunts

Dr Teh said that she has enjoyed her time doing mundane things like parking lot hunting, thinking “it’s beautiful” to simply be by her partner’s side.

She wishes for many more years of “parking tiang” or parking pillar selfies with her partner.

We love a wholesome story like this, no matter how ‘mundane’. Here’s to wishing that we’ll all have someone to hunt for parking lots with!

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