Family Picks Up Litter At Bukit Panjang, Netizens Share Avenues For S’poreans To Volunteer

When one thinks of a family outing, perhaps a trip to the Botanic Gardens or East Coast Park may come to mind. However, a family in Bukit Panjang decided to spend their weekend by doing good and picking up litter around their estate.

Family picks litterSource

They were seen picking up litter along a footpath at Gangsa Road on Sunday (27 Sep).

Parents & young children pick up litter at HDB estate

While many of us were lounging around on a lazy Sunday, a family comprising 2 parents and 3 young children were seen out and about at their Gangsa Road HDB estate.

A Redditor shared the heartwarming video of the family yesterday (27 Sep), garnering over a thousand upvotes and numerous positive reactions.


They seemed to be casually picking up litter and putting them in a black trash bag, making it appear like a regular weekend family activity.

The effortlessness with which they did their part for the community earned much respect from netizens.

Netizens applaud family’s initiative

A Reddit user commented that all Singaporeans should model after them and pick up their own trash.

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Indeed, if Singaporeans refrained from littering, the family would not have had to pick up trash in their estate.

Another commenter said that they felt bad for being paiseh to pick up litter in public.

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One Reddit user even suggested signing up via online volunteer groups such as East Coast Beach Plan, for those keen on helping with regular cleanup efforts.

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Clearly, the family’s actions have inspired many others to follow in their footsteps.

Telegram group organises beach clean-ups around S’pore

MS News checked out the East Coast Beach plan Telegram group, and it apparently organises beach clean-ups along Singapore’s coast.

Litter pick-up Telegram groupImage courtesy of MS News reader

They cover places like East Coast Park and Coney Island, helping to keep these areas clean for park-goers.

A volunteer shared a picture of a recent beach clean-up at East Coast Park, showing them picking up trash in the sand and water.

Picking trash at ECPImages courtesy of Serfly Giri

It is heartening to see Singaporeans readily offering their time to keep our garden city clean.

Volunteer your time to keep Singapore clean

Thankfully, there are community-oriented Singaporeans who are willing to set aside free time to keep our surroundings litter-free.

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Be it volunteering at a beach clean-up at East Coast Park or simply picking up a loose wrapping paper on the street, keeping our country clean is a worthy cause.

The next time you’re free, why not get some friends and family to join you and help keep Singapore clean?

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.