Homeless In Singapore Receive Help From Kind Strangers During Covid-19 Period

By now, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people’s livelihoods, with some facing pay cuts and even retrenchments.

Such people may go on to seek job support, to continue paying for the roofs over their heads, but not everyone is as lucky. For the homeless, the Covid-19 outbreak brings more challenges.


Facebook user Mr Goh is familiar with their predicaments, as he often extends a helping hand.

Volunteers go on distribution rounds to provide necessities

Even before Covid-19 reached Singapore, Mr Goh had embarked on various humanitarian missions both locally and overseas.

The viral outbreak, however, brought everything to a halt, especially during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Once his operations could resume, Mr Goh didn’t hesitate to pick up where he left off, and has been doing so consistently. His most recent outreach was on Saturday (5 Sep), along with a few young volunteers.

They handed out biscuits and towels to the homeless in Bugis and Lavender, and shared some photos in a Facebook post.


People of all ages, young and old, sleeping on cardboard pieces on the floor in public spaces made for quite a heartbreaking sight.

With the rainy weather lately, one can imagine how cold their nights can get.

Elderly living in pitiful situations

Mr Goh noted how some of the elderly especially had very little to keep themselves comfortable and warm.

One even slept on the tiled floor with absolutely nothing supporting his back. He also had nothing to protect himself from the gusts of wind which the slight drizzle brought in.


Thankfully, a volunteer was ready with a blanket on hand, to offer the uncle some warmth.

Another elderly uncle who was more creative set up cardboard walls to cordon off his corner, which measured roughly 10m by 10m.

Mr Goh observed how he had been in that same spot for several months now, as he recognised the uncle from a similar outreach 2 months ago.


The uncle was visibly thankful when a volunteer handed him some biscuits, a blanket and a towel.

Homeless still struggling during Covid-19

Though all sorts of assistance are available for us to tide through this difficult period, not many may be aware or have easy access to them.

People like Mr Goh and his volunteers thus deserve praise for their efforts in reaching out to those whose struggles often go unnoticed by many of us.


We hope that they’ll receive the help they need to lead more comfortable lives. Kudos too, to Mr Goh and his team for their unwavering dedication towards helping the less fortunate.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.