S’pore Covid-19 Cases Hit 2,918, Highest Daily Spike Of 386 New Patients To Date

Singapore Reports 386 New Covid-19 Cases On 12 Apr

Singapore’s Covid-19 patient numbers crossed the 2,000 threshold just 3 days ago on Good Friday (10 Apr). On Monday (13 Apr), the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed 386 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, bringing us one step closer to the next milestone of 3,000 patients.


Most new cases are local transmissions, with 0 imported cases out of 568 in total as per MOH’s website.

Here’s a breakdown of Covid-19 patient numbers over the past 6 days alone:

Wed (8 Apr) – 142 new cases, 7th death
Thu (9 Apr) – 287 new cases
Fri (10 Apr) – 198 new cases, crossed 2,000 threshold
Sat (11 Apr) – 191 new cases, 8th death
Sun (12 Apr) – 233 new cases
Mon (13 Apr) – 386 new cases, 9th death


A 9th patient, Case 1836, has also passed away from Covid-19 complications. The 65 year-old male Singaporean had been battling the virus since 9 Apr. We extend our sincere condolences to his family.

Majority of 280 cases from known dormitory clusters

MOH also revealed 297 of these new cases were residing in workers’ dorms, with 168 unlinked cases. Here’s the detailed breakdown.

  • Known cluster links
    • Majority of 280 cases are Work Permit holders in dormitories
  • Known case links
    • 12 Singaporeans/PRs + 5 Work Permit holders
  • 94 cases pending contact tracing

New cluster at ABC Hostel (3 Jalan Kubor)

Over the past week, MOH has established links for 316 previously unlinked cases and identified 4 new clusters:

  • CitiWall (34 Kaki Bukit Crescent) –  6 new cases
  • ABC Hostel (3 Jalan Kubor) – 1 new case
  • Tech Park Crescent Dormitory (43 Tech Park Crescent) – 1 new case
  • Kranji Dormitory (17 Kranji Way) – 6 new prior links established

The DORSCON level alert remains unchanged at Orange.

Expect further rise in cases from workers’ dormitories

222 new cases have been linked to S11 Dormitory @ Punggol’s cluster located at 2 Seletar North Link. This brings the total for the largest workers’ dorm cluster to date to 586 confirmed cases.

S11 Dormitory @ Punggol

Of the cases confirmed over the weekend, at least 92 were from various workers’ dormitories across Singapore, in the following order:

  • S11 Dormitory @ Punggol – 30 new, 365 total
  • Westlie Toh Guan Dormitory – 7 new, 76 total
  • Toh Guan Dormitory – 5 new, 45 total
  • Sungei Tengah Lodge – 17 new, 80 total
  • Tampines Dormitory – 1 new, 51 total
  • Kranji Lodge – 4 new, 13 total
  • Cochrane Lodge I – 10 new, 32 total
  • Cochrane Lodge II – 6 new, 17 total
  • Shaw Lodge – 8 new, 16 total
  • Cassia @ Penjuru – 4 new, 9 total

PM Lee confirms spike in cases is to be expected

Even as testing is ongoing at workers’ dormitories across the island, a spike in cases is expected as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained that they probably happened before the ‘Circuit Breaker’ was implemented.

The Ministry of Manpower is also stepping up health checks at workers’ dorms, and working with stakeholders to house them in floating cabins & provide timely medical assistance while they wait for new dorms to be built.

586 discharged patients made full recovery

Majority of the cases declared today have links to existing clusters or previous cases, out of 386 cases confirmed on Monday (13 Apr).

You can read the full details of the cases in the MOH document here.

Thankfully, at least 586 patients have been discharged from hospital and made a full recovery. We hope this number continues to grow as ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures finally bear fruit.

Singapore had recorded her 8th Covid-19 death on Saturday (11 Apr), a 90-year-old male Singaporean who passed away from complications due to the infection.

Brace yourselves, but stay optimistic

As day 7 of our ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures come to a close, we should brace ourselves for the effects of safe distancing to show.

We must also prepare for the possibility of crossing the 3,000 case threshold in a matter of days.

However, with proper compliance to stay home orders and a little more patience, we’ll be able to minimise our losses in this ongoing health crisis.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

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