Migrant Workers To Live In Nautical Minimalist Cabins While Serving Quarantine Orders

Migrant Workers Will Serve Quarantine In Floating Facilities

It looks like some migrant workers will soon join Singaporeans in having luxurious ‘hotel-stay’ quarantine lodging.

The 2 new quarantine facilities that just floated in look like they’re going for a minimalist nautical theme for their cabins, with recreational areas to boot.

As you might have inferred, these facilities aren’t just any old dormitories or army camps, they float on water just like a mini-cruise. Here are some pictures of them being pulled along, like a not-so-little toy boat.


Bright & airy cabins with ample space

Minister of Transport Khaw Boon Wan toured the migrant workers’ floating quarantine accommodations on Saturday (11 Apr), giving us a sneak preview of their living areas.

The bright, airy-looking rooms have a few beds each, making them much less cramped than a typical dormitory. We think the blue sheets are a perfect match for the nautical-themed facility too.


If you look closely, there are even some snacks and hand sanitisers provided for the migrant workers.

Urgent medical care given at Fullerton Healthcare

Should the migrant workers fall ill or display symptoms during their quarantine period, they can be treated at nearby medical facilities by doctors and nurses from Fullerton Healthcare, reported The Straits Times.


Though there aren’t any fancy additions like a water slide or pool for the migrant workers to enjoy, they can head out onto the deck of the floating facility for an hour of exercise daily — Minister Khaw is pictured exploring the area below.


Working up a sweat in the cool sea breeze doesn’t sound bad at all, if you ask us.

Workers probably can’t use 2 gyms & bar for safety reasons

We did a little research on our own, and one of the vessels seems to be the Bibby Renaissance. Here’s the beautiful view from the roof, where workers will get stretch their legs.


Additionally, it seems like the facility has 2 gyms, a bar and a recreational room for guests to use. But workers will probably be limited to the dock and their rooms for safety reasons.

New floating accommodations help provide temporary homes

The floating facilities are typically used by those in the maritime industry, and can house hundreds of people at a time, Mr Khaw shared on Facebook.


In an effort to desaturate workers’ dormitories and facilitate more safe distancing between them, these floating accommodations are being repurposed as quarantine facilities.

The 2 facilities are docked at Tanjong Pagar Terminal, and movement about them is restricted.

Meals will be prepared elsewhere, and delivered to the facilities, thus preventing others from coming into contact with those serving quarantine orders.

Construction on going for new workers’ dorms

Mr Khaw also mentioned in his Facebook post that construction of new dormitories is still ongoing at full capacity, as this will help relocate workers, and consequently reduce the number of workers in a single dorm.

New dormitories are being constructed as fast as possible, but this still takes time, so vacant buildings and other facilities like these floating accommodations have to be employed.

Re-housing migrant workers is our top priority

Addressing a large-scale issue like re-housing migrant workers on such short notice won’t be easy. But we trust that the government is working hard to achieve the best, most efficient solution possible.

Props to them for thinking of a floating quarantine facility — it really is a novel idea, and a fun one too.

If our nation keeps innovating and coming up with solutions as quickly as this, we remain confident that we’ll pull through these tough times as one.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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