Redditor Claims Uncle Is Always Tired & Breathless After Covid-19 Recovery

While the relatively high Covid-19 recovery rate in Singapore may offer us some consolation, the reality for patients may not be quite as rosy.

In a Reddit post on Thursday (21 Jan), a Singaporean user shared the negative ramifications of contracting Covid-19 by telling his uncle’s side of the story.


Setting this example as a warning for everyone, he advises the public not to take the virus lightly.

Immune system compromised even after Covid-19 recovery

The Redditor prefaced at the start of the post that his uncle had always been in tip-top shape all throughout his life.

Not only does he not smoke, he apparently exercises daily and eats healthily.

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However, things seemed to change drastically after he contracted Covid-19.

Even months after his recovery, a short walk to the market would reportedly leave him feeling breathless.

His uncle’s standard of living has apparently deteriorated vastly after catching the virus.

Netizens chime in with same concerns

The post has since garnered over a hundred comments and 800 upvotes. Many fellow Redditors seem to share similar sentiments to the OP.

This Reddit user agreed that the long term effects from Covid-19 are often overlooked. Citing an interview on Channel 8, they claimed it’s evident that most people do not bounce back to 100% health even after recovering from the virus.


While not everyone suffers from adverse repercussions post-recovery, there are still many cases that prove how damaging the virus can be. This user likened it to playing the lottery.


An alleged doctor from the UK provided a couple of anecdotes about how the people around him have been hit extra hard by the long-term effects of Covid-19.


Don’t take the virus lightly

Even though Phase 3 is now in place, Singaporeans should not be complacent.

The risk of infection is still present, even with the safe management measures in place, which is why we should continue being vigilant.

Let’s adhere to all the precautions diligently, until we’re truly ready to resume normalcy.

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Featured image adapted from christie yunhwa on Flickr and Reddit.