3,000 Medical Staff In China Infected With Covid-19, Some Continue Working Despite Showing Symptoms

More Than 3000 Medical Staff In China Infected With Covid-19, More Vulnerable At Frontlines

With the Covid-19 outbreak of late, medical staff around the world are rising to the occasion to treat those infected by the new coronavirus.

Yet as they spend a long periods with Covid-19 patients, they are also at higher risks of getting infect by the virus.


According to Liang Wannian, an official from the China National Health Commission, more than 3,000 frontline workers in China has tested positive for Covid-19 as of Monday (24 Feb).

Medical staff infections might be due to lack of protective gear

The bulk of the infected medical staff were reportedly from Hubei province, where the virus is rampant.


Medical staff apparently revealed to AFP that there was a prevalent shortage of protective gear such as masks and bodysuits.

This could have catalysed the spread of Covid-19, according to Liang.

Additionally, the long working hours could have taken a toll, making medical staff more susceptible to the virus.

Many of them are apparently working despite displaying respiratory symptoms themselves.

Some medical workers even died for the cause

Despite the very real risk of contracting the virus, hospital staff continue to look after Covid-19 patients.

Some even made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save others.

Li Wenliang, one of the head doctors in a Wuhan hospital passed away from the virus on 18 Feb.


His death sparked outpours of grief among Chinese nationals, as he was among the first to speak out about the Covid-19, despite being accused of rumor-mongering by the authorities.

Following his death, President Xi Jinping prioritised the well-being of medical staff in the country, providing them with the necessary equipment and urging them to take time to rest.

Thanking our healthcare workers

As the outbreak continues, healthcare workers working with Covid-19 patients are exposing themselves to the virus every day to help those infected recover.


We hope that more measures will be introduced to allow medical workers to take better care of themselves so that they can fight this battle without compromising their personal well-being.

Featured image adapted from Fox Business

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