Customer Shouts At M’sia Café Staff For Serving Coffee In Small Cup, Supervisor Handles Situation Calmly

Customer Shouts At Staff In Malaysia Café For Size Of Americano Drink

A mismatch of expectations between dining establishments and patrons can often lead to tempers spiralling out of control. Handling such situations calmly, while challenging, can be a remarkable feat.

This was the case in Malaysia when staff at a café served a customer a cup of Americano. Apparently finding the beverage’s size unsatisfactory, the customer proceeded to shout at the baristas.

Thankfully, the supervisor of the outlet managed to keep her composure throughout the confrontation.

Customer shouts at staff in Malaysia café

A one-minute clip of the confrontation was initially posted to TikTok. Now deleted, a netizen reposted it to Twitter on Tuesday (24 Jan).

The video started with the customer shouting at the baristas at ZUS Coffee over the size of his cup of hot Americano.

Source: Twitter

He asked to speak with the manager to file a complaint.

One of the baristas then identified herself as the eatery’s supervisor, before explaining that she would not be able to upgrade the size of his cup.

Source: Twitter

Such an act would violate the company’s standard operating procedure (SOP) as the size is the same for all Americano orders.

Demands to see boss several times

This evidently made the customer unhappy, as he continued to berate the supervisor.

Source: Twitter

He shouted, “You don’t have to show me the SOP, before this, we could get a bigger cup but now we can’t. Is this a double standard?”

A woman, presumably the customer’s companion, also asked the supervisor why all of the beverage sizes were the same.

Before the supervisor could explain further, the customer demanded to see her boss several times.

“Big cup or small cup, call your boss to come here!” he yelled.

The supervisor subsequently apologised for the inconvenience, to which the man responded by shouting,

Who do you think you are? Do you think I’m stupid?

He then left the store, at which point the footage ended.

Netizens criticise customer for rude behaviour

The video of the confrontation has since gone viral, with many slamming the customer for his aggression.

A few users urged diners, in general, to start treating employees at dining establishments with more dignity.

Source: Twitter

Such encounters, after all, are far too common in the industry.

Yet others, who were employees at similar outlets themselves, noted that they’d had to manage unruly patrons as well.

Source: Twitter

During these situations, they too were unable to do much beyond maintaining their composure in the face of heated words.

A couple of users, including the OP, also praised the supervisor for staying calm during such a tense confrontation.

Source: Twitter

Remaining firm, when faced with such aggressive behaviour, couldn’t have been easy, but she managed it either way.

Kudos to the supervisor and her team for dealing with the situation in a calm manner.

We hope that all customers, regardless of industry, will be kinder to service staff moving forward.

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