Customer Mistook Maggot For Bean Sprout Until He Got Closer Look

Imagine the happiness when you finally get your hands on your food delivery order after a long wait.

You excitedly get ready to dig in, only to discover something in your food that will completely take your appetite away.

On Tuesday (8 Sep) night, a man took to Facebook to share about his harrowing experience of discovering a maggot in his noodles.


He went on to express his disappointment in the food establishment for their poor hygiene.

Suspicious ‘bean sprout’ in noodles

On Tuesday (8 Sep), a man named Mr Ho made ordered from a popular meepok franchise stall in Potong Pasir via food delivery.

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When the food arrived, he was about to dig in when he spotted something amiss.

Initially, Mr Ho thought it was a piece of bean sprout in the noodles.


Knowing that he had opted not to have bean sprouts in his meal, his suspicions grew.

Maggot found in food delivery order

The customer turned on his flashlight to get a closer look at the supposed taugeh.

Suspicion soon turned into disgust when Mr Ho realised that the ‘bean sprout’ he was looking at was in fact, a maggot.

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Mr Ho was naturally enraged by this and expressed disappointment for the meepok stall.

The man questioned how this could even happen, adding that it was “so unhygienic” of the food establishment.

Ending on a stern note, he declared that he will never order from the stall again.

Noodle stall apologises to customer

The noodle stall, Tian Tian Chi Mian, reached out to the customer via the comment section of his post.

Grabfood maggotSource

They apologised for the incident, adding that no customer should “go through such bad experience on food hygiene breach”.


The stall assured that they are stepping up on their hygiene measures.

They also offered Mr Ho a refund and a token of compensation.

Hope noodle stall steps up hygiene standards

Although finding these ‘extra ingredients‘ in food isn’t uncommon, it still makes our skin crawl every time we hear about it.

Thankfully, in this case, the man was prudent enough to get a good look at his food before consuming it.

We hope the noodle stall will examine their cleaning protocols and investigate why this incident happened to ensure it will never occur again.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps