Countless Daurian Starlings Fly Over Sengkang & Yishun Like A Scene From ‘Batman’

Countless Daurian Starlings Spotted In Sengkang & Yishun

We don’t typically expect to look up and see thousands of birds flying above our heads in Singapore, a fairly modern city.

Yet, this was exactly the sight that greeted residents in Yishun and Sengkang recently.

Flocks of birds, notably Daurian Starlings, were seen flying in formation across the skies, making for a rather breathtaking spectacle.

Daurian Starlings spotted in Yishun

On Sunday (24 Sep), a netizen posted images of the birds on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group.

Source: Facebook

She shared that she sighted the birds at Yishun Avenue 6. The OP added that the starling murmuration lasted for a few minutes before ending abruptly.

According to the Singapore Bird Group, a murmuration refers to when thousands of starlings gather to fly in a mesmerising display, before settling down to roost.

In one of the pictures, hundreds of the feathered creatures dance across the sky, over the top of the buildings — and not unlike a scene out of “Batman”.

Source: Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Facebook

Other images showed the starlings nestled amongst the greenery, with their unique light and dark grey coats on full display.

Source: Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Facebook

Netizen captures footage of formation in Sengkang

On the same day, another netizen in Sengkang posted pictures and footage of the starling murmuration. He revealed that he witnessed the scene at Sengkang Block 325.

Source: Facebook

In the video, the birds fly in formation, weaving in between each other in a rather stunning display.

Source: Facebook

Covering the entire expanse of the sky, the murmuration has an almost hypnotizing quality and makes for an astounding view.

The OP similarly shared close-ups of the starlings, with two cuddling up together while perched on a branch.

Source: Facebook

Starlings are common visitors to Singapore

Common visitors to Singapore, these starlings are found in Eastern Mongolia, Southeast Russia, Northeast and Central China to North Korea, according to the Bird Society of Singapore.

They travel to Singapore to escape the winter, flocking to habitats such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sungei Buloh, Central Catchment Forest, and more.

Studies have shown that these birds coordinate their movements by looking at their nearest seven neighbours.

Not led by any leader, they stay within the group as it possibly makes them feel safe in numbers.

Singapore Bird Group also explained that these birds start arriving on our shores from September onwards.

In fact, this isn’t the first time they’ve been sighted here either — back in 2021, footage of the starlings’ stunning formation in Sengkang went viral.

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