Debt Collector Visits Homes Dressed As God Of Fortune To Remind Residents To Pay Up Before CNY

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Debt Collection Agency Knocks On Debtors’ Doors, Wishing Them ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ On CNY Eve

This Chinese New Year (CNY), you might wish to be visited by the God Of Fortune.

After all, the deity plays a prominent role in CNY, as he’s featured in festive decorations, songs and greetings.

However, if you owe someone money, perhaps it’s best not to be visited by the “God Of Fortune” personified by Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd.


When a debt collection agency’s officer comes round to your home in such a get-up, you’ll just be reminded that it’s supposedly bad luck to owe people money over CNY.

Debt collection with a slice of humour

In a post on Facebook on Thursday (11 Feb), the agency advertised its debt collection abilities with a slice of humour.


They said that deadbeat debtors obviously don’t understand human entreaties to pay up, so they’ll enlist the help of a much-welcomed deity instead.

Not only will their “God Of Fortune” wish residents Gong Xi Fa Cai, he’ll presumably persuade them to use their newly found wealth from heaven to settle their debts.


Besides the cosplay, we also love the fact that its notices were severed in festive red paper bags and envelopes, looking every inch like a CNY goodie bag.


Their other officers are also wearing auspicious red face masks – kudos for the attention to detail!


We would have loved to see the priceless look on residents’ faces when this team turned up at their doorsteps on CNY Eve.

Santa Claus is coming to town

The God Of Fortune isn’t the only popular festive-themed character that has been “recruited” by Fast Debt Recovery.

On Christmas Eve, “Santa Claus” was on hand to give out “presents” to debtors.


According to the agency, a Santa and Santarina ensured that both their clients and debtors’ days were “brightened”.


The effort seemed to be more appreciated by their clients, though, as they thanked them for working on Christmas Eve.


As always, the festive attention to detail extended to the face masks worn by the officers.


However, we think after this visit, the debtors would have had an uncomfortable realisation that the lyrics of the song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” are kinda troubling:

He sees you when you’re sleeping
And he knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness’ sake

A festive reminder of their debts

Instead of festive joy, Fast Debt Recovery seems to specialise in giving some unfortunate residents a reminder of their debts.

However, we do sympathise with those who aren’t able to settle their debts over the festive season, and hope they’ll be able to do so soon.

For those who’re in financial difficulties, do consider seeking help from community and welfare organisations.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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