David Choi Loves Dempsey Hill So Much, He Wrote A Love Song About It

A recent dinner date at Dempsey Hill inspired him to get to work

And the honour of being in David’s song title went to….

Nope, not the YouTube musician’s mystery date, but Dempsey Hill itself:

My first impression:


Oh, David. You never fail to impress. With close to a million subscribers on YouTube and over 8 million hits on original song That Girl, the world clearly loves you.

But you know why I love you?

Your voice and a guitar is pretty much magic.


Like other successful YouTube musicians, David has pretty much mastered the ‘cover a song with a guitar in front of a camera’ formula. But in song writing, he’s on a completely different level. Because come on, who else will write a love song about YouTube?

With Dempsey Hill, a track from his upcoming album, Stories of You’s And Me, the Korean-American was just trying to be a little more hipster with the title, since every male artiste ever named at least one song after a girl. Why not name it after a location?

Also, the lyrics really do a good job boosting our local pride:

“I wish I had one more night.
Then just like that, everything fades to black.
Half way around the world, flying back to what I call home.
I just got back but here we go, in another place I’m all alone.
Bartender I’ll take a whiskey, this girl here make her something sweet.
She says let’s go but I sit still.
Cause I’m thinking about Dempsey Hill.”

Good job Dempsey. You win wing man points for giving David and his girl a grand time.

Oh, and bro points for being David’s go to place for some feastin’:


With that we’ll leave you with a quote from David Choi on Dempsey Hill:

“I came to a restaurant (at Dempsey), and I met a crab. And the crab was really good. So I wrote a love song about it.”

(He was just kidding.)

That’s it, I’m officially a fan girl of David fan boying our local food.

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