S’pore Dengue Fever Cases Exceed 8,000 In 2022, Minister Says We’re In ‘Emergency Phase’

Number Of Dengue Fever Cases Has Gone Far Beyond 2021’s Total Of 5,258 Cases

Amid Singapore’s battle with Covid-19, another long-standing enemy seems to have been ignored: Dengue fever.

The disease is staging a resurgence across the island this year.

So far, we’ve already recorded a massive 8,000 cases in just 4.5 months.

The situation has led a minister to say that we’re in an “emergency phase”.

Dengue fever cases climb to over 8,000

The shocking number was revealed in a Facebook post on Saturday (14 May) by Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Desmond Tan.

Source: Desmond Tan on Facebook

To put that in perspective, Singapore logged just 5,582 dengue cases in the whole of 2021.

We’ve now gone way beyond that figure in just 4.5 months.

The minister noted that the traditional peak dengue season is from Jun to Oct.

Since it’s now still May, that means the case number could still go higher — which is worrying, he added.

Over 2,000 dengue fever cases in 2 weeks

Just over two weeks ago on 28 Apr, Singapore had more than 6,000 cases, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

That means we added more than 2,000 in just two weeks.

That’s entirely possible since we had 854 in the first week of May and a whopping 1055 in the second week till 3pm on Friday (13 May) — that’s more than twice the number logged in the last week of Mar.

Source: NEA

If this goes on, we’ll stand to break the highest weekly case count of 1,787 set in Jul 2020.

Source: NEA

Minister declares emergency phase

On Saturday (14 May), Mr Tan visited Woodsvale Condominium in Woodlands and told The Straits Times (ST) that Singapore is seeing a “steep increase in the number of cases by the week”.

Thus, he said we’re in an “emergency phase”.

Source: Desmond Tan on Facebook

The situation needs to be dealt with to prevent a further increase in dengue cases, he added.

Multiple mosquito breeding habitats in some premises

Mr Tan noted that 60% of Aedes mosquito breeding was found in homes in dengue clusters.

Source: Desmond Tan on Facebook

Thus, while 70% of dengue clusters have been closed, the work continues.

Source: Desmond Tan on Facebook

That’s because “egregious cases” have been found — premises with multiple mosquito breeding habitats, as well as profuse breeding.

mosquito breeding

Image courtesy of the NEA

NEA will take strong enforcement action against these cases, he said.

That also goes for cases in public places and construction sites.

Remember to perform the Mozzie Wipeout

Residents are urged to cooperate with officers’ dengue checks and take action to reduce the mosquito population.

They can do so by regularly practising the Mozzie Wipeout “B-L-O-C-K” steps:

  • Break up hardened soil
  • Lift and empty flowerpot plates
  • Overturn pails and wipe their rims
  • Change water in vases
  • Keep roof gutters clear and place insecticide

The NEA advises the public to perform these steps at least once a week.

Stop dengue from reaching your household

If you’re unconcerned about the rising number of dengue cases, just imagine one of your loved ones getting it.

And just like Covid-19, dengue can also kill.

If we’re willing to wear masks to protect against Covid-19, we should likewise perform basic checks to prevent dengue from reaching our households.

After all, the pandemic has taught us that we shouldn’t be complacent when the health and safety of ourselves and people around us is concerned.

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Featured images adapted from Desmond Tan on Facebook and courtesy of the NEA.

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