Digimon Adventures: Last Evolution Kizuna May Be The Last Of The Series

All the talk is about Pokémon. But for some of us, our hearts may have been long strung to Digimon, perhaps the lesser known cousin of Pokémon.

As part of the animation’s 20th year anniversary, Toei Studio will be releasing what may be the final Digimon Adventures movie — Digimon Adventures: Last Evolution Kizuna.

Digimon movie follows characters many years later

The movie will follow the characters from the original Digimon World in 1999 — Tai, Matt and Sora, to name a few. Then, they were all kids, but in this movie, they are all grown up. More than that, you will get to see the original Digimons, Agumon, Gabumon, etc.

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According to the trailer, which you can view here, there is a new threat to the Digimon World. Eosmon is a Digimon that is able to rob the Digi-Destined (tamers with Digimons) of their consciousness. As every story goes, he must be stopped.


Agumon and Gabumon readily agree to the quest. After all, they will be forgotten if the evil digimon succeeds in ‘lobotomising’ their tamers.


May be the OG characters’ last adventure

In some scenes from the trailer, you’ll see the evolved digimons poised for battle. If there was one thing digimon shows were really good for, it was their battle sequences.


The movie will be out in Japan in Feb 2020. It may take a while to get to Singapore, so expect it to arrive some time in the following month or so.

Since the original characters are all grown up, we won’t be surprised if this turns out to be their last adventure together. Whether or not this will be true, you’ll have to wait till the movie comes out to find out.

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