SilkAir To Launch Singapore’s Only Direct Flight To Busan On 1 May

SilkAir’s Singapore To Busan Trip Is First Non-Stop Direct Flight

If you’re a fan of Busan, good news — you no longer have to endure flights with painfully long stopovers. SilkAir is launching a direct flight service to the popular, picturesque city of South Korea on 1 May.


The flight will be the only direct flight from Singapore to Busan.

4 flights to and fro each week

There will be 4 flights from Singapore to Busan each week, all departing at 11.15pm:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Each flight takes around 6 and a half hours, which means reaching Busan at roughly 7am local time on the following day.

The return flights run on all the other days, with an overlap on Saturday:

  • Tuesday, 8.00am
  • Thursday, 8.30am
  • Saturday, 8.30am
  • Sunday, 8.30am

Cut down on travel time

The direct flights will save you anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on which flight and route you take.

Currently, the fastest flight – according to Skyscanner – there takes 8 and half hours with a stopover at Hong Kong.


Then there’s that other route where you fly to Seoul and take a train to Busan. That’s a 6-plus hour flight and a 2-plus hour train ride, putting you at a total of 9 to 10 hours.

So if you’ve been itching to visit the streets Busan but fear getting onto the train because of that zombie movie, you can safely start planning for that holiday now.

Here’s a suggestion for accommodation:

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Featured image from Visit Singapore and I Am Your Guide.

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