73-Year-Old Man In Nursing Home Wants To Be Reunited With Family

Some netizens are helping a 73-year-old man currently in a nursing home look for his 3 children, said to be living in Singapore.

Apparently, he was working as a dishwasher and suffered a stroke as well as dementia.


His wish is to reunite with his children.

Father looking to reunite with his 3 children

According to the post by a Ms Ho, Mr Ang wants to reunite with his 2 sons and 1 daughter, apparently living in Singapore.

The post states a little more about his circumstances, namely that he suffered from a stroke and has dementia.

Apparently, he wished that he could be reunited with his family before suffering the stroke.

His children are:

  • Ang Jian Seng 洪健成
  • Ang Jian Meng 洪健明
  • Ang Yen Ping 洪燕萍

This is what Mr Ang looks like:


It turns out that the netizens have been trying to look for Mr Ang’s children for over a year.

Netizens have been trying for over a year

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the netizens are trying to locate his children.

We found a similar post from 22 Mar 2019 of the same man looking for his children.


Included in the post is an older picture of Mr Ang, who looked a little healthier:


Not knowing what to do, the netizens can only appeal for help on social media.

Contact netizens if you have information on family’s whereabouts

The post includes the numbers of 3 people you can contact should you have any information about Mr Ang’s family:

Koh: +60 017-6163220
Jeff: +60 018-3734320
Wendy: +60 014-6207809

We hope Mr Ang can be reunited with his family soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.