Uncle Needs Help With Meals After Losing Job During Covid-19

These are trying times for many of us — more so our vulnerable members of society who’ve been trying to make ends meet despite retrenchments.

This story of a man who’s been trying to make ends meet for his family – including a 93-year-old mum and sister – will surely tug at your heartstrings.

In a Facebook post by Hopes In Meals on Saturday (30 May), we find out just how far an uncle went to ensure his family’s well-being after losing his job as a dishwasher.

Here’s the post in full, we summarise the story after the jump.


Lost his job due to Covid-19

The uncle pictured had lost his job after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, shares the writer.


A neighbour alerted the page to his case after seeing the uncle looking “pale at a bus stop” over several days.

When asked why he didn’t look too well, the uncle shared he had “starved himself” by drinking water to sustain his hunger. If he felt “giddy or weak”, he would simply “rest more”.

Saving on meals to help elderly mother & sister

Due to continued “financial difficulties”, the uncle collected cans and loose cardboard to make ends meet. However, he won’t be able to sell them till Tuesday (2 Jun).


All the money he’s saved on meals have been passed onto his sister to care for their elderly 93-year-old mother, stated the post.

Though recent government payouts have helped the family, they would still require funds to secure meals for all of them in the long-run.

The cost of a simple meal

The cost of a simple meal may not be unattainable for many of us, but may be a matter of survival to others.


Hopes In Meals was inspired to assist this uncle and other vulnerable members of society with the motto,

If we can’t help a hundred, why not start with one.

If you wish to support this meaningful cause, you can donate a meal or volunteer with this group here.

The cost of a meal

This uncle’s story has shed light on a segment of society that’s often overlooked while we deal with this health & economic crisis.

As the Facebook post has 3.8k shares at the time of writing, we think it’s a great start to helping similar cases gain timely support from the kind folk of Hopes In Meals.

A simple meal could mean the world to them, and if it’s within our means to help, we should respond to the call.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.