Dog Left Alone By Owner Stuck In Wuhan Lockdown Now Awaiting Rescue At Pet Store

All pet owners know how difficult it is to go away when you have a pet. They need someone to take care of them — you simply can’t leave them on their own.

Unfortunately for these pet owners, they weren’t able to make arrangements for their dog to be taken care of when they got stuck in the lockdown in Wuhan.

Luckily, a kind neighbour stepped in to fulfill the feeding duties, overcoming the literal barriers with a pole.

Watch how she did it below.

Dog owner stuck in Wuhan lockdown

The golden retriever was supposedly left alone, without food, as its owner had visited Wuhan during Chinese New Year and gotten stuck there due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


According to the description in the original Newsflare post, the dog had been alone in the Guangzhou apartment for six days.

It would probably not have survived if it wasn’t for the neighbour who fed it.

Neighbour fed dog through grille with pole

Since the apartment was locked and the neighbour couldn’t enter to feed the dog, she came up with a novel solution instead.

To get past the grilles, she poked food onto the end of a pole, and fed it to the dog. The poor pup was definitely hungry — just watch it wolf the food down.


To make sure the dog doesn’t go thirsty, she even cut a hole in a bottle so it could drink water comfortably.


Look at him lapping up the water so enthusiastically.

Dog was rescued a few days later

Luckily, this arrangement didn’t last for long.

After a few days of being fed with a pole, the landlord of the apartment came to free the cooped-up dog.

It wagged its tail non-stop after being rescued, and surged towards the neighbour who had been feeding it as if to say “Thank you”.


The dog was then taken to a pet store, where it could be cared for properly. Its owner has promised to bring the dog back home upon returning.


Don’t forget about your pets

It was unfortunate that the dog’s owner was unable to make emergency arrangements for its care prior to the lockdown. Thankfully, the thoughtful neighbour was around to help.

Though we should prioritise our own health in this period, we can’t forget about our pets, especially since they’re often completely dependent on us.

Hopefully, this dog’s owner will return from Wuhan soon, so they can reunite and live happily ever after.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.