Dog Urgently Needs Home After 2 Fostering Attempts Fall Through, Currently Headed To Kennel

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HDB-Approved Dog Needs Experienced Fosterer Who Can Accommodate His Needs

In Mar, non-profit group Exclusively Mongrels Limited mounted a desperate appeal over a dog with multiple bite incidents.

A fosterer was needed who could accommodate his unique needs, and it seems that at least 2 were found.

However, both attempts at fostering him fell through, and he is once again in urgent need of a home.

dog may be euthanisedSource

He is currently headed to a kennel, unless a place can be found for him.

Fosterers couldn’t manage him

In a Facebook post on Saturday (9 Apr), Exclusively Mongrels Limited shared that the dog, Kona, was taken back from his adopter last weekend.

He was then sent to a fosterer.


However, the fosterer couldn’t manage him, as he was “still a bunch of nerves and showing signs of aggression”.

On Saturday, he was supposed to be sent to another fosterer, but for some reason, that also fell through at the last minute.

Dog’s needs may be challenging

Finding a suitable fosterer is a challenge due to Kona’s needs, which might be challenging to deal with.

Firstly, he was let go by his adopter due to multiple bite incidents, which could have occurred due to fear and resource guarding issues.

He thus requires a home where he can feel safe and comfortable and doesn’t feel the need to fight for survival, Exclusively Mongrels said.

This way, he can revert to his happy self of 5 years ago when they took him off the streets.


He also has a sensitive stomach and skin issues, and must be on a strict diet plus Apoquel – a doggie medicine for allergic itch and inflammation.

Experienced fosterer with patience needed

Thus, a fosterer experienced with dogs, particularly rescues, is needed.

That person or couple should have “patience, determination and dedication” to help Kona feel safe, the NGO said.

Other requirements include:

  1. No kids or elderly people at home.
  2. Though he’s HDB-approved, landed property is preferred, with a small garden to do his business. They explained that Kona is grass-trained and allows only trusted people to muzzle him, but it takes a while for him to trust someone.
  3. Home-cooked food is preferred due to his sensitive stomach.
  4. No other dogs in the home, preferably.

Exclusively Mongrels won’t leave the fosterer in the lurch, of course. What they will do is:

  1. Provide Furment – a gel that helps with his gut issues.
  2. Engage a trainer to help with his rehabilitation training.

Kennel won’t be good for him

As it stands, Kona is headed to a kennel, as there’s nothing more they can do if no fosterer is found.

That won’t be good for him as he won’t thrive there.

Firstly, being constantly confined to a cage, he won’t be able to get treatment for his skin condition.

He also probably won’t be able to go out for walks because he has a deep distrust of humans.

Also, the longer he stays in a kennel, the more likely he is to regress till rehab won’t be possible.

If that happens, it’s uncertain whether euthanisation may be considered.

Exclusively Mongrels will pay for rehab

In Mar, Exclusively Mongrels said they’ll pay for Kona’s full rehabilitation training costs.

They’re still committed to helping him, but this will obviously be difficult when he’s in a kennel.

Thus, they’re making another appeal to the public for help in what they said was “one of our biggest challenges to date”.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, do send a WhatsApp message to 97890569 or reach out to Exclusively Mongrels via their Facebook page here.

Hope Kona will find a loving home

Unfortunately, finding a fosterer for Kona has proven to be very challenging, and we shouldn’t fault anybody for failing to manage the task.

However, the thought of him in a kennel, or worse still being put down, is also too distressing to contemplate.

Hopefully, the right one comes along so Kona will find a suitable home and lead the happy life he deserves.

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Featured images adapted from Exclusively Mongrels Limited on Facebook.

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