Singapore Trainer Seen ‘Kicking’ A Corgi Twice When Walking 10 Dogs

Some may say that all dogs are cuties, but corgis occupy a special place in many hearts with their electrifying backsides and almost non-existent legs.

Unfortunately, a video showing a dogwalker ‘kicking’ a corgi’s back has gone viral on social media.


The trainer in question has allegedly referred to her behaviour as “correction methods”.

The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) is investigating the matter.

Trainer seen ‘kicking’ corgi in the backside twice

Last Sunday (7 Mar), a 30s clip showing a dogwalker ‘kicking’ a corgi while walking 9 other dogs was posted on the r/singapore subreddit group.

It has since then been making rounds on other social media platforms, including Facebook.

In the video, the trainer at SimplyK9, a local dog daycare, first sweeps the dog to her left side as it’s getting out of line.


As the corgi still seems blocking her path, she is seen ‘kicking’ its hind side towards the left.


In the remaining 10s of the clip, the dog seems to be walking in line with the rest.


AVS is investigating the incident

Speaking to MS News, the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) says it’s aware of the video, and is looking into the case.

SPCA, in a statement to MS News, refers to the incident as “completely unacceptable”.

It finds it “concerning” that “a dog trainer uses kicking as a method of teaching”.

The case warrants thorough investigation and appropriate actions taken, says SPCA.

If you need more resources on humane animal training, you can refer to SPCA’s website for information.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.