Anime Fans Jam Out To Don Don Donki Song At S’porean Cosplayer’s Birthday Celebration

Cosplayer’s Birthday Event Has Fans Singing Along To Don Don Donki Song

Imagine rocking it out to the Don Don Donki song alongside your friends, right smack in the middle of a club. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Amazingly enough, this was exactly the case recently in Singapore.


A cosplayer recently had her birthday celebration, and a video clip of a room screaming the lyrics of the Don Don Donki theme song has gone viral on social media.

Don Don Donki song features at cosplayer’s birthday event

On Saturday (16 Jul), a short clip from the birthday celebration event of Rithe, a local cosplayer, emerged on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

The clip showed the event’s attendees jamming it out to the Don Don Donki song.

The event organiser, Benjamin Ho, confirmed with MS News that the clip did take place at Rithe’s birthday celebration.

He further explained that the organisation managing the event, Golden Mix, is a group of hobbyist DJs.

They regularly host events in Singapore to promote the Anikura culture — also known as Anime Kubaru, meaning club in Japanese.

Source: Golden Mix on Facebook

As fans of anime, games and cosplays, their events also focus solely on music from these genres.

The idea for the event came about when Rithe got into contact with them, mentioning her wish for a birthday party. They then turned it into a collaboration, inviting many from Rithe’s fanbase as well.

Rithe using an ‘Excalibur’ to slice the birthday cake. Image courtesy of Golden Mix

Addressing the Don Don Donki song during the event, Mr Ho said, “We all love to share memes and funny stuff online… that’s why we did it.”

Besides Don Don Donki, Golden Mix played a couple of other songs from shows like Spy x Family, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sword Art Online and more.

The celebrations ended up being hugely successful with almost 200 pax in attendance. Most of them were fans of Rithe, but quite a few were also there for the anikura culture and Golden Mix.

Image courtesy of Golden Mix

For those who missed out on the celebrations, you can look forward to Golden Mix’s next standalone event on 9 Oct, at a much larger venue as well.

Netizens appreciate wholesome event

The clip has quickly gone viral on Facebook, with many appreciating the wholesome sight.

Some of the party-goers themselves expressed their joy at having attended the event – and experiencing what it felt like to chant along with Don Don Donki themselves.

Source: Facebook

Others expressed their appreciation of the re-invigoration of the party scene in Singapore. Indeed, this does pretty much confirm that Singapore’s party scene is back.

Source: Facebook

One user even called it their kind of rave – and we have to say, we agree.

Source: Facebook

After all, what could be more wholesome than singing along to everyone’s favourite store jingle?

Looking forward to more fun events

In tough times like these, we definitely need a little bit of cheer in our lives. We can think of a few better ways to do this than to sing along to the Don Don Donki theme impromptu together in a room.

Everyone knows the lyrics, after all.

Kudos to Golden Mix for successfully hosting such a wholesome event. Here’s to more of their celebrations, which we’ll be sure to look forward to as well.

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Featured image courtesy of Golden Mix.

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