GE May Happen Soon, DPM Heng Says S’pore Needs To Tackle Challenges Early

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DPM Heng Hints At Early GE, Assures Public Safety Will Be Top Consideration

By now, the possibility of the General Election (GE) happening soon is old news to us, but to hear the words from Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat may be the ultimate confirmation.


In an interview with Channel NewsAsia (CNA) yesterday (27 May), he reiterated the need to have GE early.

Explaining how Singapore has a long road of challenges ahead, determining the new leadership is key to preparing early.

Global economy & Covid-19 situation will be difficult

Considering the volatile Covid-19 situation worldwide, DPM Heng foresees many difficulties ahead for Singapore.

Rather than lasting several months, he estimates that the impact can be for as long as the next 5 to 10 years.


Hence, the need to invest in good leadership to carry the country through projected challenges is imperative.

For this reason, he told CNA,

Elections are coming nearer by the day, and we have to be prepared for it, prepare for it well.

GE a chance for Singaporeans to rally together & emerge stronger

Beyond politics, GE will present a valuable opportunity for Singaporeans to come together amidst the crisis.

By exercising our votes, we’ll have a greater sense of responsibility in deciding the country’s future post-Covid-19.

The sooner we can rally together for effective control of the situation, the stronger we will emerge from the crisis, which DPM Heng says “requires a long runway”.

Public health & safety will be the top consideration

Recognising that health and safety will be the biggest concern, DPM Heng assures that necessary measures will be in place.

He raised the example of South Korea, who after taking serious precautions, saw a “record turnout” for their elections.


DPM Heng claims Singapore will do the same, emphasising that,

The public health considerations and public safety will be a foremost consideration in how we manage this [GE], and it means that even the way in which elections are to be conducted will be different from before.

With GE likely to happen sooner rather than later, we should definitely keep a lookout for further updates as the days pass.

Till then, we suggest that you take some time to consider who your votes will potentially go to, as we face a long and challenging road ahead.

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