Marine Parade Hawkers & Town Council Workers Go For Swab Testing, Dr Tan See Leng Oversees Efforts

As part of active testing efforts from authorities, they’ll start testing essential workers to clear them for Covid-19 and work.

This is where doctors come in handy, including those who are MPs.

Dr Tan See Leng, who took over as Marine Parade MP from Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong after GE2020, is helping with Covid-19 swab testing efforts.


The swab tests are a joint effort by various agencies and supported by Temasek.

Dr Tan See Leng oversees swab testing

As you may or may not know, Dr Tan is not only a doctor but also held many seats in medical practices like the CEO position at Parkway Holdings.

He’s now lending his expertise to swab testing operations in the heartlands for essential workers, such as hawkers  and people working in town councils.


As it turns out, this is another way he’s helping people in Marine Parade GRC.


He also takes care of Marine Parade residents through Meet-The-People sessions. All in a day’s work, eh?

Updates MParader on Marine Parade happenings

MParader Emeritus, Goh Chok Tong, retired from his duties as Marine Parade MP when Parliament dissolved earlier in Jun.

However, he’s still Adviser Emeritus and keeps up with the happenings in the estate through Dr Tan, who’s very much his protégé.

Old habits die hard, and even after retiring, Mr Goh still has an interest in his residents for over 40 years.

Goh Chok Tong Bids Politics Goodbye After 44 Years, Wants To Retire While Still Healthy

He shared that he’s heartened that his residents are still well-looked after.

More testing to keep community safe

Active testing fully subsidised by authorities will be ramped up in the coming weeks as authorities seek out asymptomatic cases in the community.

Those who are found will be isolated, so that the rest remain safe.

There are still cases in the community, after all, and the active testing will help ease our community back to work.

It helps that the MP has medical experience and can help his residents directly in this manner, although by no means is it a requirement.

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