Motorist Drives Recklessly On ECP In Video, Exceeding Speed Limit By 2 Times

It is common knowledge that speeding is dangerous for both motorists and passengers.

However, at 11.17pm yesterday (3 Sep) on the East Coast Parkway (ECP), a motorist allegedly drove at more than double the speed limit allowed on Singapore roads.

Image shows car going driving at twice the speed limit


Netizens were angered at the driver’s disregard for road safety as he steadily accelerated until he hit 184 km/h.

However, others were sceptical as to whether the car was really reaching those speeds.

You can view the full video here.

Passing cars at over 150 km/hr

The Facebook video posted by SG Road Vigilante shows the car apparently passing other vehicles at over 150 km/h, which is even higher than the Malaysian speed limit of 110 km/h.

Image shows car going driving at twice the speed limitSource

The camera pans between a stretch of the ECP and the car’s speedometer, which shows a steady crawl towards 180 km/h.

Meanwhile, the video taker can be heard whooping and encouraging the driver.

The caption on the video taker’s Facebook post reads “I’m so high (from) the adrenaline!”

The driver was fast & the netizens were furious

Netizens were driven to anger by the recklessness of the motorist, who was overtaking cars on the expressway at high speed. Comments were in overdrive.

One netizen said that driving at such a high speed may increase one’s chances of meeting your ancestors earlier than one would have expected.

Comment of netizen


A superstitious comment said that one should not drive so fast during the Chinese 7th month.

Comment of netizen


Others, however, believe that the speedometer doesn’t seem to be accurate.


While the car is indeed overtaking others, 184km/h seems excessive relative to the speed of the other cars on the expressway.

However, we can all agree that whatever the reason and circumstance, speeding is dangerous for all road users.

Sticking to the speed limit is the way to go for safety

Speeding is a form of reckless driving which can end up in disaster and fatalities, especially if one’s attention is divided.

Operating the car at twice the speed limit is also much more difficult, not to mention it’s illegal.

We hope that drivers will think twice before endangering their lives, among others, on the road.

MS News have reached out to the police regarding this matter and we will update the article when more information is released.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.