Café In Ipoh Lets You Cuddle With Fluffy Ducks Over Coffee & Breakfast

Ipoh Café Callduck Coffee Shop Has Fluffy Ducks & Ducklings

Singapore has seen a fair number of pet cafés springing up over recent years, with felines and canines being the most popular animal companions.

Across the Causeway, a duck café has popped up in Ipoh, where patrons can cuddle and interact with its flock of domestic ducks.

Source: Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook

The café also offers a wide selection of duck-inspired desserts.

Ipoh duck café has ducks & ducklings to accompany patrons

Despite having opened for just slightly more than a week, Callduck Coffee Shop has caught the attention of several lifestyle blogs in Malaysia, and for obvious reasons.

Source: Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook

In addition to its wide array of desserts and coffee, Callduck Coffee Shop’s selling point is clearly its ducks.

Animal lovers would be happy to learn that the ducks here aren’t used as ingredients, but rather for their therapeutic companionship.

As its name suggests, the café is also home to several call ducks — a breed of domestic ducks frequently kept as pets.

Source: 怡保口盏鬼 on Facebook

With their round heads and short bills, it’s easy to see why visitors are attracted to them.

Visitors can hold the ducks with relative ease thanks to their small, compact bodies.

Source: 怡保口盏鬼 on Facebook

There are even baby ducks at the café that might remind some of Sally from LINE Friends.

Source: Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook

Based on pictures on social media, the ducks are kept safely in portable enclosures — surrounded by comfy duck plushies in a corner of the café.

Source: Google Maps

Visitors who wish to have a closer interaction with the ducks may put in requests with the staff on duty, who’ll facilitate by bringing the ducks to the patrons’ tables.

Source: Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook

Serves duck-inspired desserts too

Besides the call ducks, Callduck Coffee Shop also serves a myriad of duck-inspired desserts.

Source: Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook

Among the notable desserts is a mango-flavoured cake made in the shape of a yellow duckling.

Source: 怡保口盏鬼 on Facebook

There’s also a 3D chocolate cake put together to resemble a bust of a duckling.

Source: 美食徒步者 Foodwalker on Facebook

The café’s menu also includes special ‘duck eggs’ that are actually made of chocolate, much like Easter eggs.

Source: 怡保口盏鬼 on Facebook

If you fancy visiting Callduck Coffee Shop during your next visit to Ipoh, here are more details on where to head to:

Callduck Coffee Shop
Address: 33 persiaran Bandar Baru Tambun 16, bandar Baru tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opening hours: 11am-6pm (Tues- Sun), closed on Mondays
Contact: Facebook, Instagram

Do note that reservations are not allowed and each customer has to purchase at least one item from the menu.

Know anyone who can’t get enough of adorable ducks? Tag them in the comments so they know where to visit for a ‘quacking’ good time.

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Featured image adapted from Callduck Coffee Shop on Facebook and 怡保口盏鬼 on Facebook

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