Durian Prices In S’pore Drop, Some Stalls Selling For As Low As S$8/Kilogramme

Singapore Durian Prices Drop To Usher In Durian Season

As the durian season rolls around, many retailers in Singapore are slashing prices to attract more customers.

According to a report by Shin Min Daily News, durian prices for the popular Mao Shan Wang durian in multiple stalls around the country are going for anywhere between S$8 and S$12 per kilogramme.

Retailers are hoping that the low prices can draw higher quantity sales as the durian season commences.

Durian prices drop in Singapore, range between S$8 and S$12 per kilogramme

Per the Chinese daily, various durian retailers in Singapore have reportedly engaged in a battle for the lowest prices. They are hoping that these low prices will usher in more sales as the durian season starts.

Singapore Durian Boy, located in Boon Lay Shopping Centre, was selling their Mao Shan Wang durians for S$12 per kilogramme over the weekend.

Block 156 Bukit Batok Street 11’s Top Durian Station was selling the same type of durian for S$10.

When Shin Min visited the stall, there was apparently a signboard that read, “Mao Shan Wang S$10/kg from 6pm onwards”.

A queue was also forming at the time of their visit.

An employee of Top Durian Station told the paper that each customer is limited to two durians each. This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to take advantage of the deal.

“If we don’t limit how much they buy, there are some who will buy the whole basket. That’s unfair to the others,” he said.

They also shared that their durians are mostly imported from Johor.

High supply due to hot weather in Johor

The prices are even lower at Bishan durian sellers Wang Sheng Li. There, Mao Shan Wang durians are going for S$8 per kilogramme while stocks last.

The boss of Wang Sheng Li, Mr Chen (transliterated from Chinese), explained that the hot and humid weather in Johor recently is the main reason behind the large yield.

Source: Jim Teo on Unsplash

He claims that the last few weeks were the best for durian tasting. Additionally, the current durian season will last for the next four months, he said.

“This year is the cheapest so far. Plus, now we are only selling durians from Johor. Come June or July, more durians will come in from Pahang,” Mr Chen shared.

“Previously, we sold the durians for S$28 or S$29 per kilogramme. Now, the prices have fallen so drastically in the last two weeks,” he added.

“It’s just the fluctuations of the market.”

Cheaper durians might not be of the best quality, some admit

However, there were also sellers who admitted that cheaper durians may be less fleshy.

If customers want quality durians, it is advisable to get those that are more than S$10, they said.

“Some smaller Mao Shan Wang only have three to four pieces of fruit in them,” one of them claimed.

“The bigger ones will probably have around eight pieces. Essentially, you get what you pay for.”

durian prices

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Some retailers have also chosen to retain their usual prices while promising the fruit’s quality.

They explained that they cannot change their prices as they like if they have prior exclusive contracts with durian farms.

As these durians are exclusive to the retailers they have contracts with, they are better able to regulate the quality of their inventory.

For these retailers, their durians go for S$15 to S$22 per kilogramme.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

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