Steamed Durian Touted By China Netizen As ‘Guangdong Method’ Of Eating, Residents Refute Claim

Photos Of Steamed Durian Go Viral Over Weibo, Netizens Share Ways Of Cooking The Fruit

Durians are much-loved by many Singaporeans and Malaysians, most of whom eat the flesh straight from the fruit.

However, let’s not forget there are other ways to eat durian, too.

Apparently, one way is to steam the fruit in a pot, according to a Chinese netizen.

Source: Weibo

Though they claimed this is the “Guangdong way” of eating durians, many netizens from the province refuted this statement.

Netizen shares photo of steamed durian with spring onions

In a Weibo post on Monday (22 May), a netizen shared photos of two durian seeds being steamed in a pot, flesh still intact.

Afterwards, the cook sprinkled some sliced spring onions on top for good measure.

Source: Weibo

In the caption, they claimed this was the “Guangdong method” of steaming durian for eating, asking netizens to comment on other types of “dark food” they knew of.

While the claim was questionable, the post went viral, gaining more than 6,000 shares and 37,000 likes on the Chinese social media platform.

It even made it to No. 2 on the list of trending topics on Weibo.

Source: Weibo

Guangdong residents refute claim

However, several netizens from Guangdong province refuted the claim that this was the “Guangdong method” of eating durian.

One of them maintained that they don’t have such “strong-flavoured” cooking.

Source: Weibo

Another Guangdong resident suggested another way to cook durian: Scrape the flesh off and put it on a plate, sprinkle some salt on it and immerse it in boiling water for 3.5 minutes.

Source: Weibo

They claimed the salt would trigger the sweetness of the fruit.

One contributor simply shared a photo of another controversial way to eat durian: Together with instant noodles and a boiled egg.

Source: Weibo

Tips on how to steam durian

Perhaps to capitalise on the notoriety of the earlier post, another Weibo account shared some tips on how to steam durian.

They said that generally, durian should be steamed for 10 to 20 minutes.

If it’s a raw durian, the time should be extended to 15 to 20 minutes for 100g of durian after the water hits boiling point, as its starch content is high. But mature durians only need to be steamed for 10 minutes as most of the starch has been converted to sugar.

Steamed durian is soft and tender and tastes sweet and delicious, they added, and can be used to make products like durian pizza and durian steamed milk.

Source: Weibo

However, they cautioned that steaming durian might cause it to become less sweet, so it may not be to everybody’s taste.

Now that steamed durian is gaining recognition, at least among Chinese netizens, would you consider eating the King of Fruits in that way next time? Do share with us if you do.

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