E-Bike Rider Cuts Across Mandai Road Lanes To Evade Traffic Police, Escapes Onto Footpath

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E-Bike Rider Tries To Evade Traffic Police Along Mandai Road On 22 Nov

Riders of power-assisted bicycles, AKA e-bikes, have been in the limelight on many occasions for breaking traffic rules and operating their devices in public spaces.

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Recently, an e-bike rider was spotted riding recklessly along Mandai in the presence of a traffic police officer.

Footage of the incidetnt was shared on Facebook, showing the police officer hot on the rider’s heels.

As the traffic police officer caught up to the e-bike rider, the latter tried to evade the officer and was appeared to be successful as he went up a footpath.

Traffic police spots e-bike rider tailgating vehicles along Mandai Road

The minute-long video starts off with the e-bike rider tailing closely behind a mini-bus along Mandai Road.

After overtaking the mini-bus and a lorry, the rider starts to accelerate along the left-most lane.

Source: Facebook

Just as we thought he was about to get away with his reckless driving, a traffic police officer popped out of nowhere and sped toward the rider.

Source: Facebook

The officer’s appearance got a cheer from the OP. Quickly pulling over by the e-bike rider’s side, it seemed as if the officer was trying to corner the e-bike rider.

E-bike rider apparently loses traffic police by cutting onto footpath

However, in a peculiar turn of events, the rider slowed down and successfully swerved behind the officer, seemingly to the latter’s bewilderment.

Source: Facebook

Having fooled the officer once, the rider then cuts dangerously to the first lane. The officer followed closely behind.

Source: Facebook

But as the pair approached a traffic light, the e-bike rider zipped up a footpath, leaving the officer in his wake.

Source: Facebook

With no way to catch the rider, the traffic police officer continued riding along Mandai Road.

While not shown on camera, another netizen shared that it was likely that the culprit was apprehended in the end.

Source: Facebook

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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