2 Drivers Help Frail Elderly Man Across Road Safely At Changi

For seniors with mobility issues, everyday tasks like crossing roads may appear daunting.

On Thursday (1 Apr), Facebook group ROADS.sg shared about how an elderly man was recently seen struggling to cross a road in Changi.

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Thankfully, a kind lorry driver stopped his vehicle and help the elderly cross the remaining section of the road.

elderly man changiSource

Another driver also helped to block the traffic until the elderly man made it safely across.

Lorry driver helps elderly man across road in Changi

In the video shared by ROADS.sg, a frail elderly man was seen slowly crossing a road along Upper Changi Road N.

elderly man changiSource

The traffic light had turned green by that time and vehicles were zooming past him dangerously.

Seeing this, the driver of a white lorry stopped his vehicle so the elderly man could cross the remaining section of the road.

Soon after, the driver got down from the lorry and personally helped the struggling uncle.

As he approached the elderly man, the driver even raised his arm to signal his apology to the cars behind.

The elderly man readily accepted his help and eventually made his way across the road.


Driver uses car to block oncoming traffic

As the lorry driver was assisting the elderly man, the motorist driving the camcar noticed there were still vehicles approaching from behind that might not be aware of the situation.

Sensing this, he quickly moved his car to the next lane, blocking an oncoming taxi.


He then remained in the position until the elderly man made it all the way to the other side of the road.


Before heading back to his lorry, the kind Samaritan raised his hand again, as if to thank drivers behind for their patience.

Kudos to both drivers

Kudos to both the lorry and car drivers for their kindness. They’ve certainly shown us that even small acts like this go a long way in helping individuals in need.

Hopefully, this will also inspire more road-users to take such initiatives and build a more courteous road culture here in Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.