Evergreen Truck Causes Traffic Jam On China Highway, Just Like The Ship At Suez Canal

A container ship that had gotten stuck at the Suez Canal has been making headlines after causing one of the worst shipping jams ever seen.

Suez Canal Blockage May Disrupt Supplies & Force S’pore To Draw On Inventories: Ong Ye Kung

By now, we’ve all seen how the Evergreen ship became the butt of many jokes and memes throughout social media.

It so happened that on Saturday (27 Mar), a container truck in China, emblazoned with the exact same name ‘Evergreen’ got stuck on a highway and caused a huge traffic jam.

Netizens were quick to point out the similarities between the 2 incidents, notably the fact that both had ‘Evergreen’ emblazoned’ on them.


Images of the truck quickly went viral on Chinese social media site, Weibo.

Evergreen truck blocks multiple lanes on highway

On Saturday (27 Mar) morning at 9.55am, a container truck crashed on a highway at Nanjing, China, reported China Times.


At the time, the truck was carrying a green container with the word ‘Evergreen’ on it.

The accident left the truck blocking multiple lanes, causing a massive jam on the Changshun-Shenzhen highway during the peak hour.

Netizens draw similarities to Suez Canal scene

Seeing the surveillance footage of the accident, netizens noticed that the accident looked really similar to the current scene at Suez Canal.

Evergreen truck highway Source

And it wasn’t just the company name. The truck even seemed to be in the same diagonal angle that the ship was stuck at.

Evergreen truck highway Source

Soon, photos of the truck went viral on Weibo, the Chinese social media site as netizens joked that the company ‘Evergreen’ seems to trying to conquer both land and sea.

Evergreen truck highway Translation: Was checking on the cranes this morning but found out that the Evergreen truck had also jammed up our expressway. Conquering sea and land all at once?


Another netizen also jokingly said that the company seems to be rebelling against the world.

Translation: Is Evergreen trying to rebel against the world? They caused a jam at the Suez Canal and now a highway?

Truck does not belong to Evergreen

However, despite the name, China Times reported that the truck was not Evergreen company’s truck and just so happened to be carrying an Evergreen container.

They further clarified that Evergreen does not operate a trailer business in China.

Land transportation is outsourced to a trailer company and Evergreen only does marine transportation services.

Therefore, Evergreen is not responsible for the accident on the highway.

Series of unfortunate events

These events are certainly a series of unfortunate events that lined up together.

At least, netizens got a good laugh out of the uncanny similarities between the 2 accidents.

Currently, efforts to dislodge Ever Given, the ship stuck at Suez Canal, is intensifying as concerns rise over how the blockage will affect global supply chains.

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Featured image adapted from Weibo and Facebook.