Expat Thanks S’pore For 4 Great Years Of Mala, Singlish & MRT Carousell Meet-Ups

Expat Grateful For The 4 Years His Family Has Spent In Singapore

Thanks Singapore, and so long!” is the title of a Reddit thread by an expatriate who has been living with his family in Singapore for the past 4 years.

And like others before him, he found our country a wonderful place to live in.

He also thanked the Reddit community, who has been extremely helpful in telling him how to navigate the Singaporean-living.

Thanks Singapore, and so long! from singapore

He also poked fun at the common Carousell inquiry “can neg bro”, saying that’s one of things he probably won’t miss.

Will miss mala, cheap public transport & Singlish

Needless to say, the hawker food will be missed. In particular, for him — mala hotpot and Indian stalls.

He will also miss his conversations with taxi uncles, the affordable and convenient transport system and of course, our legendary vernacular, Singlish. Like many of us, he too immediately recognises Singlish when it’s heard overseas.

What’s more, his daughter was born in Singapore.

I know what the lot of you are thinking — that he enjoyed Singapore because he’s rich. But consider for a moment the things he talked about. Hawker food, public transport, our Singlish culture, etc. All these things can be enjoyed without needing to be ultra-high SES.

So let’s take a lesson from him and learn to appreciate what we have better rather than complain about what could be better.

Featured image from Eatbook & Visit Singapore.

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