MP Melvin Yong Refutes Claims Of ‘Expired Chocolate’ Given Out For Father’s Day

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Cadbury Chocolate Bar Given Out For Father’s Day Not Expired

Many of us instinctively check the expiry dates on the packaging of our food before consuming them — it’s not kiasu, it’s for our health‘s sake.

However, sometimes the print may be unclear, giving rise to misunderstandings.

This seemed to be the case for the Cadbury chocolates MP Melvin Yong had given out to residents on Father’s Day yesterday.

Netizen claims the chocolate expired in 2011

Mr Yong, a MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, had distributed Cadbury chocolate bars to patrons of Pek Kio Market yesterday (16 Jun) morning.

Later in the day, allegations that the chocolate had expired made rounds online.

The post claimed that the chocolate expired in Jan 2011, with a picture showing the ‘expiry date’ on the packaging.


Mr Yong steps up to clarify

Following the allegations, Mr Yong clarified in a Facebook post that the allegations are false.


A closer look reveals that the actual expiry date is 9 Jan 2020, as the’Best before’ date is in DD/MM/YY format.


In addition, Cocoa Life, whose logo is printed on the packaging, was only launched in 2012. This means the packet couldn’t have been printed before 2011.

Do a little CSI yourself

This incident shows that we should always question the things we read, and not believe what other people say about them immediately.

Case in point, the post about the chocolate bar. Some comments showed that netizens believed the words of the poster and added fuel the fire.

While it is understandable how people could have misread the expiry date, we should take this as a lesson to always do a little thinking and investigation ourselves before believing the things we read online.

Featured image from Facebook.

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