Family Has No Associations With Any Fundraiser In Kopi-O’s Name

Many have paid tribute to Pulau Ubin’s doggo, Kopi-O, after hearing news of his passing in an alleged hit-and-run accident. While most came in the form of drawings, photos and anecdotes, someone had apparently set up a fundraiser too.

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However, it appears as though the fundraiser isn’t legit, as Kopi-O’s owners and Pulau Ubin residents reveal the truth.

Speaking on behalf of his father – Kopi-O’s official owner – Mr Cai clarified in a Facebook post on Tuesday (9 Feb) that his family has no part to play in any sort of fundraising activity.



Family of Kopi-O never set up a fundraiser

According to the post in Facebook group Pulau Ubin, the family initially had zero inkling of any fundraisers under Kopi-O’s name.


It wasn’t until word started spreading that someone reportedly reached out to the family to inform them.

Hoping to clarify the situation, Mr Cai emphasised that his family will not be accepting a single cent from the public.

Stop running fundraiser for Kopi-O

In his Facebook post, Mr Cai called for an immediate halt to any fundraiser under Kopi-O’s name.

He encourages anyone who wants to pay remembrance to the doggo via monetary means to donate to an animal shelter instead.

Mr Lim, a Pulau Ubin resident, also stated that the family did not require any financial help from the public.


Respect the family’s wishes

While the fundraiser may have been held out of goodwill,  the organisers should have communicated with Kopi-O’s family beforehand.

Now that they’ve given their statement, we hope the organisers will respect the family’s wishes and cancel the fundraiser immediately.

Let’s give them time and space to grieve the loss of their beloved doggo.

MS News wishes Kopi-O’s family peace and closure in time to come.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.