Father Of 2 Urgently Needs Liver Donor, Must Also Be Aged Between 21 & 60 Years

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, some many be prompted to stay home more often and spend time with our loved ones.

However, one family of 4 isn’t able to do so – as their father is now in hospital, and they’re in a race to find a suitable liver donor for him.

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With time running out, the wife of Mr Tan Thian Poh has created a Facebook page appealing to the public for a liver donor.

Father suffering from chronic liver failure

According to a Facebook post made by Mrs Tan on Sunday (19 Jul), her husband is suffering from chronic liver failure and is in critical need of a liver donor.


The family is currently looking for a medically fit donor between 21 and 60 years old, with a blood type of either a A+ or O+.

She also urged netizens to share the post on their pages to help the father of 2 young children.

A race against time

Although Mr Tan currently sits at the top of the waiting list for deceased donors, he faces a race against time, with his condition deteriorating.

According to Mrs Tan, he is currently warded at the intensive care unit of Singapore General Hospital.

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Netizens show their support

Netizens have sent the family messages of support on Facebook.

Several of them who have the correct blood types have stated that they would help in the most significant way — by offering to be donors.




Even a  netizen from across the Causeway has offered to donate, despite the ongoing travel restrictions.


Wishing Tan family all the best

It’s heartwarming that so many people are willing to help.

While we are unsure if the Tan family has successfully found a donor, you may still contact them via Facebook if you are interested in being a donor.

MS News would like to send our thoughts and support to the Tan family, and hope that their father will soon be able to back home with his family.

Featured images adapted from Facebook and SGH.