First S’pore Patient Discharged After Testing Negative For Coronavirus, Others Making Good Progress

First Patient Free Of Coronavirus Discharged From Singapore Hospital, Another May Follow Suit

After the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed six more cases of the Wuhan coronavirus cases yesterday (4 Feb), Singaporeans have been on high alert.

Of course, 4 of them being local transmissions certainly does not help.

Many worry that the situation may get worse before it gets better. Luckily, there appears to be a silver lining amidst all the anxiety.

On the same day, a 35-year-old Wuhan virus patient has been discharged from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) after testing negative multiple times for the coronavirus.


Discharged patient in Singapore tested negative for coronavirus thrice

A spokesperson from NCID said that they were “quite confident” the man is free of infection.

He told The Straits Times (ST),

All symptoms had fully resolved and he had tests over three consecutive days that were all negative.

He was the 7th confirmed case in Singapore

The discharged patient was a Chinese national from the city of Wuhan. He arrived in Singapore on 23 Jan and was warded a day later at NCID after developing symptoms.

He became the 7th confirmed case in Singapore after testing positive for the coronavirus on 27 Jan.

Other patients are doing well

Currently, there are no coronavirus patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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Although 5 patients require respiratory aid and oxygen, none of them are in critical condition, reports ST.

MOH told ST that given the current state of the patients, its possible that some could be discharged in a few days’ time.

“Small number” of patients treated with HIV drugs

MOH’s chief health scientist announced in a press conference that a “small number” of the coronavirus patients were being treated with a combination of HIV drugs.

They did not disclose if the discharged patient was treated with the HIV drug mixture.

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Thai doctors achieved success with a similar HIV drug cocktail, so it’s possible that HIV drugs could be the answer to curing the coronavirus.

It’s unclear whether the drugs are actually effective, but many have high hopes as results “appear promising”.

The drug mixture is currently undergoing trials in China to test its efficacy, and its outcome will be out in a few weeks.

Things are looking up, but China needs our help

With the remaining patients doing well and a possible cure on the way, it looks like the situation in Singapore might take a turn for the better soon.

On the other hand, China isn’t so fortunate. Their situation – especially in Wuhan – is devastating as they struggle to handle the sheer volume of patients.


China has announced that they are in urgent need of medical supplies, especially personal protective equipment, as hospitals struggle to cope with the exponentially increasing number of patients.

If you are capable of donating and want to help, you can donate to Singapore Red Cross, via their website or at the Red Cross House.


Cheques should be made out to “Singapore Red Cross Society”, with your name, address, and “Coronavirus Response 2020” written on the back.

The Singapore government is contributing S$1 million in seed money to aid the communities affected by the outbreak.

Many Singaporeans have already stepped up to care for their communities. Likewise, we hope they will step up and help our fellowmen in China as well by donating to this fund.

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