NTUC Responds To Worms In Fish Complaint In 1 Day

Many Singaporean households turn to NTUC for affordable and fresh produce.

But once in a while, unwanted ‘additions’ manage to sneak their way into these groceries.

One netizen, Mr Lim, took to Facebook on Monday (18 Mar) to complain about parasitic worms he found in a threadfin fillet from NTUC Sun Plaza.

Here’s his Facebook post.


NTUC responded swiftly to the complaint and has reportedly apologised and provided a refund to Mr Lim.

Bought from NTUC @ Sun Plaza

According to a Channel 8 interview, Mr Lim’s wife, known as Ms Wang, purchased a piece of threadfin fillet from the NTUC outlet at Sun Plaza.

The fillet appeared ordinary at first, but parasitic worms started appearing after the fish had shrunk from being cooked.


Ms Wang initially found just one worm near the skin of the fish, but later found 3 to 4 more in the flesh.


She revealed that the fillet that she bought was just 200-300 grams — a small portion of the entire fish.

Hence, she was worried that other consumers who purchased the remaining parts of the fish might find worms in their cuts of the fish as well.

NTUC responds within 1 day

Just one day after the post was published, NTUC got back to Mr Lim via the same Facebook post, apologising and requesting for his contact details so they could conduct a follow-up.


Shortly after, NTUC customer service officers reportedly contacted the couple and offered them a refund for the compromised threadfin fillet.

Ms Wang went down to the Sun Plaza NTUC outlet later in the day to collect the refund.

NTUC’s swift response is praise-worthy

Even though the entire accident was rather unfortunate, NTUC’s swift response is still worthy of praise.

Next time you’re having your meal, remember to check carefully what you’re consuming.

Who knows, something vile may very well be lurking in your dinner.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.