Foodpanda’s Panda Plaza Has Over 40,000 Household Essentials, Get Them Within 30 Mins

Foodpanda Panda Plaza Is Your 1-Stop Shop For All Your Home Necessities

Ever since the pandemic hit Singapore’s shores, online shopping has become our main mode of expenditure, even for household necessities.

As the Internet becomes saturated with options, you’d want to find the most efficient way to get what you need.

Along comes foodpanda’s panda plaza, a consolidated marketplace of 16 local grocery suppliers that can provide you with your local groceries and household needs within 30 minutes.

Since time is everything in bustling Singapore, getting the necessities you need while you’re prepping that meal or cleaning a room saves you precious minutes.

Over 40,000 products in 1 place

When it comes to household essentials, there are never too many options as you want to score the best deals on various items you need.

With over 40,000 products in 1 place, panda plaza probably has everything from mum’s go-to dishwashing soap to you and your siblings’ favourite cereals.

Need that elusive herb or local ingredient you can’t seem to find at your usual supermarket? Panda plaza probably has it.

The best part is that you can get those and more delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes of placing your order.

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There’s no need to shop online in advance just to chope a slot for delivery or travel to obscure stores to get items that are harder to find.

Here’s what you can expect to find on panda plaza.

Fresh produce delivered in an instant

The biggest fear some may have about buying groceries online is probably concerning fresh produce that may not live up to expectations once they reach your doorstep.

You can usually expect wider delivery windows, so you won’t know how long your orders have been out of storage before you receive them.

Thankfully, that won’t be an issue when you purchase via panda plaza, as your items will come straight from the store and arrive right at your doorstep in 30 minutes.

You can trust that the apples you bought for your daily dose of vitamins will be crisp and the blueberries juicy enough for your smoothie.

Image courtesy of foodpanda

Save mum the trip to the market too, by adding fresh veggies and essential cooking ingredients like garlic or onions to your virtual cart.

Whether you’re attempting elaborate dishes that’ll take you hours or whipping up a last-minute meal, having fresh produce at your disposal will be a dream.

Snacks & basic necessities across 16 stores

While you usually can’t be too picky with fresh food suppliers, you can have a preference when it comes to things like pantry staples and sundries.

Instead of visiting multiple stores or websites to get specific brands at the best prices, you can browse all your options at once on panda plaza.

Home to the following local retail vendors, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice:

  • A1 India
  • Ace Mart
  • Ace Signature
  • Angel Supermart
  • D&S Minimart
  • Eccellente by HAO Mart
  • Gem Mart
  • Gem Marketplace
  • HAO Mart
  • HAO Megamart
  • KDS Supermarket
  • KS Enterprise
  • uMart
  • Shopping Houze
  • Sri Murugan
  • Valu$

Since there are over 40,000 household essentials available across 16 vendors, it’ll be just like shopping at a mega-mart, except that your aisles are now online categories.

Image courtesy of foodpanda

Seeing as the products are from local shops, not only will you get your essential shopping done, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses.

On top of that, these humble shops will likely have that herb or spice that mum usually has trouble finding at most supermarkets. Talk about convenience and accessibility all rolled into one.

All your household needs via panda plaza on foodpanda

If you’ve already been an avid online shopper, now’s the time to make the experience easier for yourself by shopping at panda plaza.

All you have to do is open the foodpanda app on your phone, click “Shops” on the home screen, and click the tile that says “panda plaza” on the top carousel.

Screenshot from the foodpanda app

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to start adding 1,001 items to your cart.

First-time shoppers on foodpanda shops may want to pile on even more purchases as they can enjoy a flat $12 off their first order and an extra $16 cashback.

Simply apply the promo code “TAPINTOSHOPS” upon checkout anytime from now till 31 Aug.

The cashback vouchers will be credited into your Vouchers wallet within 48 hours.

However, loyal foodpanda customers need not fret, as buying from any of the 16 local vendors entitles you to a discount of up to 20%.

Image courtesy of foodpanda

This comes with a minimum spend of $20, so you can enjoy the perks even if you decide only to get a few snacks and drinks.

Shoppers who prefer swiping on their phone can install the foodpanda app via Google Play Store here or the Apple store here.

But if you like looking at your options on a larger computer screen, you can visit the foodpanda shops landing page here.

A 1-stop shop for quick delivery of home essentials

Those who cook and clean often would know the panic of not finding an ingredient or product we need at the last minute.

Instead of running down to the nearest shop, which may not necessarily be a short distance away, buying just what we need with a few swipes or clicks makes life a lot easier.

After checking out, all we have to do is wait a short while for our orders to arrive and voila — we’ll be ready to take on our household duties in a whiz.

Once the whole fam knows about such a convenience, you can bid goodbye to days of chaotic grocery trips and the hauling of heavy bags home from the supermarket.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with foodpanda.

Featured images courtesy of foodpanda.

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