Foreign Worker Helps Man Change Punctured Tyre On CTE

Noticing The Difference

Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

As we bemoan this boring, repetitive lifestyle from within the comfort of our offices and homes, someone who comes from a faraway land is working hard in tough conditions, happy to be providing for his family back home.

Evidently, tough conditions don’t bring our foreign workers down — if anything, these foreign workers teach us to remain optimistic, as they take the time to help those around them, regardless of race, language or religion. Sounds familiar?

Today’s Hero

Not all heroes wear capes – Mr Gopal Venkateswaran for example, was wearing a simple red-checkered shirt when he selflessly helped a guy in need, reported The Straits Times.

Utilising his experience as a truck driver, the foreign worker, together with another unnamed lorry driver, helped 49-year-old Mr Christopher Goh replace his punctured tyre on the Central Expressway.




Netizens on Facebook applauded our hero of the day.


Let Us Not Forget

As we embark on a new year, let us not forget those who toil behind the scenes, working their fingers to the bone just so we can enjoy a smooth 2017.

Featured image from Stomp

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